Trend to Wear Now & Later: Pleated Skirts

There is one trend I can’t get enough of, therefore I’m stocking up on pleated skirts which are to be worn now and into the spring and even summer. This trend is not going anywhere any time soon. The beauty of pleated skirts is they look best in a midi or maxi length which is music to anyone’s ears…especially when those ears are over 35!

Tie One On: Fall’s Lace-Up Trend

I have to give credit where credit is due. Carol pointed out the lace-up trend this fall. I had not noticed women wearing clothes that lace up like sneakers and except for a couple of cute sweaters, this may be a trend I pass on this season. It’s not my personal fave, but you might adore it

An Officer & A Gentle Woman: The Embellished Military Jacket Trend

I don’t know about you, but I have been noticing embellished military jackets everywhere. Some are embroidered some have appliques and some have both. Yes I know. I thought I am too old for this trend as well. Maybe I am, but I really don’t care. Neither should you. If it’s good enough for Valentino to sell for a few grand, it’s got to be good enough for me and you to wear. Besides, how many 25 year-olds can afford a $3,000 military jacket anyway? Not too many I assure you. Actually even if I can, I certainly do not want to spend that much on something so trendy and most likely only good for one season. I’d rather buy a new coat or a bag