The 8 Best Summer Trends For Under $100

Every summer I am asked what are the top trends I must own…and please make sure they don’t cost too much. I hear you. I mean it goes without saying that you need to replace your white t-shirts from last summer if they have stains (they make great rags) and ditto for your white jeans…but those aren’t really trends. They are summer wardrobe staples.

Then there are the trends that were hot last summer that you hopefully already bought and can wear again this summer like off-the-shoulder-tops, midi skirts, gingham and micropleats. Yeah! Don’t you love learning you can get two summers out of a trend?

Allow me to go off on a tangent here. I am your girlfriend, your BFF giving it to you straight, OK? I’m not going to lie to you. I am therefore, not quiet when it comes to my dislike (hatred) of the cold-shoulder top. In fact, they make me want to punch something they are so ugly. They scream “I HAVE GIVEN UP!” and I say don’t you dare! They are not sexy, they are just odd. Please don’t argue, “Hey, the best part of my arm is my shoulder and I can still wear a bra!” I don’t buy that. Get a good strapless bra. Get two. Wear an off-the-shoulder-top for the love of all that is good and holy. There is no excuse. Please help put an end to this disturbing trend. I am not going to change my mind on this one either so please don’t try. OK, I’m done now. Thanks. Carry on.


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There are a ton of new trends for this summer but so many are not flattering on women over a certain age (what else is new?). So what are the must-have trends for summer ’17 you need to have when you are over 35? Well let me review the top 8 and don”t worry, all the ones I picked come in under $100. Mind you, feel free to pay more if you wish but personally I’d rather save my money for my fall wardrobe that I wear for 9 months instead of the 3 I get out of summer.

8 Best Summer Trends one shoulder top1. One shoulder top, $59.50

One shoulder tops are going to be this summer’s off-the-shoulder top, mark my words. I love this one by Madewell because it checks all the boxes (it’s long enough, matches with everything and it has a very minimalistic yet modern vibe). If you are going to buy one single one shoulder top or just want to try the trend first, buy this one. I have picked out other one-shoulder-tops here.

8 Best Summer Trends jeans

2. High waist cropped frayed jeans, $90

If you are like me you now wear jeans all year long because you no longer feel comfortable in shorts and skirts and dresses can only get you so far. So a cropped pair of jeans is going to serve you well during the summer. Luckily the high waist jean is on-trend too because they hold your tummy in perfectly making you look like you have Giselle’s body even if you don’t. Add a bit of a frayed hem and you are ready to rock. They will look perfect with the top shown above by the way. Here are other high-waist jeans you should consider.

8 Best Summer Trends shirt dress

3. Shirtdress, $23.81

How did I find an entire dress for $24? I’m that good. Shirtdresses should be your best friend. You can find them with short sleeves, long sleeves or as shown above, no sleeves. Now I strongly urge you to get a midi length unless your legs are still banging.

8 Best Summer Trends tiffany blue

4. Tiffany Blue, $73

Yes, I recognize that Tiffany Blue is a color but it is the color of the summer. We like to call it Fountain Of 30 blue around here, but the point is to grab whatever you want in this color because it looks great on everyone and it’s the color of the season. Here are more items you can peruse in Tiffany Blue.

8 Best Summer Trends black one piece

5. Black one piece bathing suit, $80

I did an entire post on the hot bathing suit trend of the season (a black one-piece) which should be music to any woman’s ears, especially if she is over the age of 40 and has had a kid or two. Now please don’t think you can get away with that ratty old one you have been wearing for the past 6 summers. It’s time to get a new black one-piece and make sure it flatters your figure. Not sure how that works exactly? Read my handy dandy little bathing suit shopping guide. I’ve got you covered girl.

8 best summer trends slide sandals

6. Athletic slides, $57

Yes, I agree these are kind of ugly but they sorta grow on you. At least they did on me. Now the super hot trend is to get a pair with a designer logo but those cost a fortune (or too much for rubber shoes) so feel no shame for rocking a pair with a cute bow like these or ones that say Nike or Adidas and they all come in at under $100! Want to see some more athletic/logo/pool slides, and how to wear them? Then click that link.

8 Best Summer Trends raffia tote bag

7. Raffia bag, $78

Raffia and straw are pretty much the same thing and the good news is this is the It bag of the summer and they do not and should not cost a fortune. So use it for the beach or to run errands around town in style. The good news is you can toss it after you have trashed it all summer long. Here are some other straw bag styles for you to check out.

8 Best Summer Trends blue lenses

8. Blue lens sunglasses, $38

Trust me when I tell you there are some seriously wacky sunglasses trends this season. Most would look hideous even on Elton John. So when I discovered that blue lenses were the hot color I was elated because you can easily find a shape and style that works for your face. Better yet, you can chose any shade of blue your heart desires! Here is a bit more about the blue lens sunglasses trend you will want to know.


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