What To Wear Now: Your Statement On Your Sleeve

It’s a new year and naturally, you’re probably craving some change in the sartorial department. And while there are plenty of amazing styles and pieces hitting the racks for spring, many of us are stuck with at least another two or three months of cold weather, but we still want something new!

Perhaps the quickest way to update your look for the upcoming months is to change up your sleeve styling. Here are some of our favorite options…

Bell Sleeves


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Whether it’s a 70s throwback or modern and architectural, bell sleeves make for a nice way to refresh more standard tops, and this classic black and white striped Milly top is a fantastic example.

Ruffled Sleeves

These aren’t the butterfly sleeves that you might remember not-so-fondly from several trend cycles ago, but rather something more sculptural that’s best when it’s the featured element of an otherwise simple ensemble, like this Club Monaco dress.

Poet Sleeves

This silhouette tends to lean towards the romantic, with plenty of volume in the sleeve from the drapey shoulder down to the cinched wrist. Poet sleeved tops work especially well in delicate fabrics, like this pintucked Velvet by Graham & Spencer blouse.

Puffed Sleeves

Typically considered ultra feminine or even overly girly, these sleeves can also bring the drama fit for a queen. For example, Beyonce seems to love this look, and while we wouldn’t necessarily take all our wardrobe cues from her on-stage wardrobe, there’s something to be said for the impact of this look. However, it can be downright perfect for casual luxe as well, and this Burberry Puff Sleeve sweatshirt (yes, you read that right) is a perfect example.

Padded Shoulders

Yup, shoulder pads are back – but they are streamlined and updated, as opposed to the chunky 80s styling that no one wants to revisit other than perhaps twenty-something uber-hipsters. On the contrary, shoulder pads like the ones in this IRO jacket add some structure to a terry bouclé. And no one does padded shoulders like Balmain. This sharply cut double-breasted jacket is flattering and seriously cool (and a serious investment).

Looking for something new for the new year? It might be up your sleeve! Okay we’re done with the puns now…but there is something to be said for having your sleeves make the statement for your outfit, and it is an easy way to take a look into 2017.

Pictured Above (from left to right):

Milly Bell Sleeve Pullover, $275

Club Monaco Toibe Dress, $249

Velvet by Graham & Spencer Pintuck Blouse, $128

Burberry Puff Sleeve Sweatshirt, $295

IRO Bouclé Tenny Jacket, $560

Balmain Cotton-Blend Double-Breasted Blazer, $1,860

–Jacqueline Zenn

Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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