Cozy and Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Women Over 40

The holiday season is here once again. I love the holidays and have always adored everything that comes with them: the time spent with family and friends, the parties, the great food and gift-giving. Life has finally settled down and I’m sure many of us are looking forward to seeing our loved ones in person this year, something that many of us could not nor did not do in 2020. I used to live for the holiday looks with all the sparkle and cheer on full display. However, I think the pandemic has put me and many others, in permanent casual mode. The idea of wearing anything other than soft pants and oversized sweaters during this holiday season is a foreign one. So, let’s let our sequins and sparkle stay in the back of the closet again this year and embrace a casual holiday season. Let’s start with Thanksgiving! Here are some chic, cozy and casual Thanksgiving outfit ideas perfect for 2021.

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Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas: Sweaters And Tops

I think sweaters and tops are a good place to start to build your outfit and where you can have the most fun. You can go with any print, pattern, color that suits your style. Add to that, you can go with pullover, button front, cardigans, ponchos, or pretty much anything. So take your pick! I personally fell the top that you choose is the foundation of your casual holiday outfit. If we are passing on the sequin pants and shiny skirts, then we want to make the top half of our outfits interesting. I love how cozy this Knit Kimono Sweater from Anthropologie is. I can see myself wearing it with a silky V-neck shirt underneath and a pair of simple hoop earrings.


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You can also go super casual with this Care FP Colby Tee from Free People. It comes in a ton of colors and will work with a pair of leggings, knit lounge pants or even jeans. Or if you wanted to elevate your casual Thanksgiving look, I like this Silky Oversized Shirt from Banana Republic Factory. Again, the multiple color options that this item offers means it has something for everyone. I love tops like this as they instantly elevate your look with the rich colors and luxe texture.

Bottoms, Dresses And Jumpsuits

I have fallen in love with sweater leggings. How much more cozy and comfortable can you get? Bonus for provided warmth if you are in someone’s home that has a bit of a chill. I plan on getting a few pairs of these Fuzzy Fur Sweater Leggings and wearing them until the spring…and probably beyond.

I’m also still really into jumpsuits. They just make getting ready easy and if you if have one in a super soft fabric, it’s the next best thing to wearing just a robe. So why wouldn’t you want to throw one on when hosting Thanksgiving or attending a holiday gathering? I found this V-Neck option from the Gap. It comes in three neutral colors and it gives me warm and cozy vibes.

Dresses are also effortless and comfortable so don’t rule them out. I found this Polo Sweater Dress from Madewell that I believe is universally flattering. The wool blend fabric ensures that it will be nice and warm for the chilly holiday evenings and the neutral green and camel colors keep it timeless and will let you wear it all winter long.


Slippers or house shoes are an absolute must for me in winter time and during the holiday season. I’m partial to shearling slippers and will wear them around the house or even bring them with me when I visit others. These Fuzzy Open Toe Shearling Slippers are the perfect option for me. They are easy on/off and even though they are open toe, the shearling provides warmth. I also really love the navy color, something a little different than the natural brown color that so many shearling slippers come in.

If you prefer of opt out of the real shearing, there are really great options in faux shearling as well. Try these Dina Slippers from Minnetonka. They will offer you just as much style and warmth as the real shearling ones and are incredibly affordable.

Expert Style Tips

  1. Let’s not forget that doing a casual Thanksgiving still means you have to look presentable. I’m all about being cozy and comfortable, but it’s important to still be mindful that if you are hosting or attending a dinner or event as a guest you will want to look appropriate. Leave the holey sweatshirt and faded sweatpants at home for bedtime. Take some time to find some comfy and casual items that look elevated.
  2. Give a gift. You can incorporate your casual holiday trend by offering it up as a hostess gift! Forego the bottle of wine or apple pie and present the hostess with something cozy that they can wear throughout the holiday season. Something as simple as this Fair Isle Scarf from J.Crew Factory makes a nice alternative hostess gift.
  3. Mix and match. You don’t have to go full on casual if you don’t want to. If you prefer to glam up a little bit that is great! You can incorporate you casual pieces next to your more dressy items. For example, if you want to go sparkly on the top, pair it with a pair of leggings. I like the flare silhouette of these leggings from Victoria’s Secret. They offer up a little bit of a different shape from normal legging but are still stretchy and comfortable.

Shop Cozy and Casual Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Anthropologie Cozy Knit Kimono, $110

Free People Care FP Colby Long Sleeve Tee, $68

Banana Republic Factory Silky Oversized Shirt, $32.49

Express Super High Waisted Fuzzy Fur Sweater Leggings, now $49

Gap V-Neck Jumpsuit, $44

Madewell Polo Sweater Dress, $118

Women’s Fuzzy Shearling Open Toe House Slippers, $59.95

Minnetonka Dina Slipper, $39.99

Fair Isle Scarf, now $29.95

Victoria’s Secret Fold Over Flare Leggings, now $25

What do you think of the casual Thanksgiving wear trend? Are you going to stick with cozy and comfy for the holidays and bring back the glam to 2021?

– Carmen Turner

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