Best Ways to Style The Saturated Colors Trend for Fall 2021

Can you believe that we made it to the fall season? With all of the craziness that is still going on in the world, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it in one piece (or at least with my head on straight). But here we are! Fall fashions and trends are starting to trickle into our minds and in some cases, our closets. Now that we can start to pull out our fall clothes or get out to the stores (or online) to make some fall apparel purchases, many of us may need a refresher of what fall trends are out there. One of the trends that I really love is saturated colors for fall 2021.

Saturated Colors Trend for Fall 2021

Don’t get me wrong, gray and black are my go-to colors (or non-colors?) for the fall season, but I love to throw in a bright color here and there. It keeps things exciting and living in the Midwest in the wintertime, you don’t see super bright colors in the fall/winter very much. Bold colors kee things unexpected and fun as well! Let’s take a look at the saturated colors trend for fall 2021 and the best ways to wear it.

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Saturated Colors On The Runway

Neutrals are always a mainstay in the fashion world, so that is why when bright, bold colors come along, it’s always so exciting to see. Saturated, bright colors dominated the runways for fall 2021. Bright pink, cobalt blue, canary yellow, brilliant red and bright orange were among some of the colors that we saw walking the runways. Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace, Prada and Balmain all featured bright, saturated colors in their runways shows. These saturated colors, when paired with the impeccable tailoring and sophisticated silhouettes, created a fall vibe that I am completely here for. It makes me forget about my go-to, drab blacks and grays that consume my fall wardrobe. After seeing the bold hues in these shows, give me an apple red faux fur coat to complete my fall look any day!

Wearing Saturated Colors For Fall 2021

Go ahead and dive in with this trend for fall and don’t be afraid to go super bold. We’ve been cooped up for so long, so let’s make a fall fashion debut that everyone will remember! Why don’t you start with something super casual so you can be comfortable and stylish? I like these high-waisted, wide leg trousers  from Marks & Spencer. They are giving off a bit of a 90s vibe but I’m still kind of loving them. If you keep your top option simple, then you can avoid looking like you stepped out of a time machine from 1997. I actually love the way they styled these jeans on the model with the graphic tee. You can add a blazer with clean lines to make it not feel so casual and finish it off with a pair of oxford shoes with a nice platform to give you a little bit of height to play off of the high rise of the pants. You’ll look like you have legs for days!

Bright Colored Shoes

I’ve also been fiending for these Maxima sneakers from Steve Madden. They come in so many color options, I haven’t decided which ones I want yet! The price is great at $99; so, if it’s in your budget feel free to get a couple of different pairs to play around with color. I think the orange ones are fabulous and would be really unexpected in a good way for me and my wardrobe. I also feel the lime green ones are super cool and could bring an edge to any outfit you decide to pair them with.

A Bold Colored Dress

You can make a statement at any upcoming event (can you believe the holidays are right around the corner?) in this cherry red satin, midi length wrap dress. The batwing sleeve silhouette is relaxed enough that you can wear it with confidence regardless of the venue, but the front slit gives just enough so you still feel feminine and sexy. If you want to fully embrace the saturated colors trend, you can go monochromatic and pair this with some red velvet pumps or mix it up and try some vibrant purple strappies!

So now that we are getting into fall, let us know what you think about the saturated colors trend! Is it something you are excited to try? 

Expert Style Tips: Best Ways To Style Saturated Colors

  • Pair complementary colors. Complimentary colors (colors across from each other on the color wheel) look great when worn together. For example, red/green, orange/blue, yellow/purple. So if you want to go bold with your saturated colors fall trend, try something like this orange ruffle trim cotton top paired with these bright blue high waist trousers. It’s a classic color combo that spans the test of time, but you will still be on trend for fall 2021. 
  • Do you prefer warm or cool? Do you like warm tones or cool tones? I tend to gravitate towards cool tones, but I love a beautiful, cherry red piece. The nice thing about the saturated colors trend is that it’s almost impossible to wash out a skin tone with these bright colors. You can have the lightest skin tone or the darkest but putting on an emerald green wrap dress will guarantee an absolutely stunning outcome. 
  • This trend can span the decades so feel free to invest in your choices. Bright, saturated colors are on trend this year, but they have always been a fashion favorite. Think about the vibrant fashions of the 60s and 70s, how these colors translated into the fashions of the 80s and 90s, and how we continue to gravitate toward bold colors as fashion and our own personal style continues to evolve. 

Shop Saturated Colors

(pictured above from left to right)

ASOS DESIGN Satin Midi Dress, $72

M&S Collection Drawstring Wide Leg Trousers, $50

Evangeline Jersey Wrap Dress – Sapling, $84

Steve Madden MAXIMA Orange, $99.95

Ted Baker London Shaker Stitch Cotton Blend Cardigan, $89.97

Express High Waisted Elastic Waist Trouser Pant, $59.99

Lauren Ruffle-Trim Crinkle Cotton Top, $59.99


Will you try the saturated colors trend for fall? How will you wear it?

– Carmen Turner

Runway Photos: Versace Fall 2021 and Balmain Fall 2021 from Vogue

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