Back To School Fashion Trends For Women Over 40 Too!

I personally feel like we’ve had a nice long summer. We started to get nice weather here in Chicago in April and it’s been blue skies and warm weather since. However, ask any mom with school-aged children, they may sing a different song. School will be back in session in the next couple of weeks for lots of kids and moms will be heading to the stores (or online) to get their children dressed and ready for the new school year. I want to remind you: don’t forget about yourself! Sometimes moms can get so wrapped up in getting the kids off, they forget that they need a little attention too. So this year, let’s take a minute to focus on back to school fashion trends for you; sometimes it can’t be all about the kids. 

Back To School Fashion Trends

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“Back To School” Tops

I’ve been super into flowy tops lately, so when I saw this short sleeve women’s top from Lulu’s, I fell in love with the soft, forgiving silhouette. If you prefer a long sleeve version you can try this Gauze Button Down from Banana Republic. If you’re looking for something even more casual and want to keep your pullover sweatshirts in the drawer, you can wrap yourself in this Purana Wrap Sweatshirt from Athleta. It pairs well with jeans, leggings or joggers. I can see myself living in this thing once the fall weather starts to settle in. 


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If you’re heading back to the office, an easy piece to start with is this Dot Knit Top. The back zipper detail brings some unexpected fun. I also really love the various bold patterns of this Tie Neck Blouse from Eloquii. It’s just the right choice for the office if you have the option to go back, or wear it to a school event or PTA meeting to present a polished look.

Transitional Dresses

It’s a good time to start looking for transitional dresses that you can wear now and through the early fall. Think about something you can wear with sandals on the first day of school for drop off and pick up and again with a chunky cardigan for the school Halloween party. The Catriona Linen Dress from Boden is a great pick; the midi length is totally on-trend and a perfect length for just about anybody. I also love a great t-shirt dress. It’s so easy to pull one on and then slide on a pair of shoes…any pair of shoes. This colorblock dress from Misguided is a good find and with a price tag of only $16, you can stock up on a few and keep them on reserve for a day when you feel like you have nothing to wear. 

Comfortable Pants

Believe it or not, many of us have settled on wearing soft pants for the remainder of the year and beyond (or is that just me?) So, I am still loving joggers and the number of styles out there have yet to disappoint me. These Trekkie North Joggers are a great staple. I would get them in multiple colors and make them my official work-from-home uniform.

I also love a nice pair of wide leg cropped pants with a high waist (to contain my proud new mom bod!) They are super comfortable and stylish and you don’t have to think too much about what to pair them with. These Foundry Pants from J.Crew are awesome. I really like the utilitarian design and the simple silhouette. You cannot go wrong with any of the neutral colors that these pants come in. I also love the hippie vibes that these Slim Pull On Velvet Flare Pants from Free People. Just pull them on and top it with an oversized sweatshirt or a button front top. If you want to go full boho, then add this fedora from ASOS

Finally, it’s a great time to up your denim game. I am loving the fit and options that Express has now. I’ve found that, for me, their jeans have a great fit with just the right amount of stretch for whatever your body type. I’d love to pick up a couple pairs of these high-waisted ones

Expert Back To School Style Tips

    1. Be whatever kind of mom you want. Are you the comfy mom? The corporate mom? The earth mother? Whatever you choose is the right choice and don’t be afraid to flaunt it. Get those kids back to school encompassed in your chosen mom style. Many of us are still transitioning from changes in 2020 and 2021 and whether or not you are back in the office, working a hybrid schedule or full time at home, there are cute, comfy and flattering clothing options for you. 
    2. Back to school is a time not just for the kids to reinvent themselves; it’s a great time for you to try some new styles and trends that you’ve always wanted to explore. This time of year can act as a reset button, so take advantage!
    3. Make it a family affair! I don’t have school-aged children yet, but I remember when I was in school and we went back-to-school shopping, it was a big deal to go to the mall to pick out our new school duds. I remember that my mom always made it about us. There is nothing wrong with that, but I say when you partake in back-to-school shopping with your kids, do a little something for mama too. Have fun with it!  Everybody loves a family fashion show. 

Shop Back To School Fashion for You

Pictured above from left to right:

Blythe Rust Brown Short Sleeve Button-Up Top, $42

Banana Republic Gauze Button Down Shirt, $41.99

Purana Wrap Sweatshirt, $89

Dot Knit Top ANNE KLEIN, $59

Eloquii Tie Neck Blouse, $79.95

Boden Catriona Linen Dress, $65

Misguided Pink Oversized Colorblock T shirt Dress, $16

Trekkie North Jogger, $89

J. Crew Garment-dyed Foundry Pant, $98

Free People Slim Pull-On Velvet Flare Pants, $78

ASOS Fedora, $24

Flying Monkey High Waisted Mom Jeans, $79.90

– Carmen Turner

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