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The Best Affordable Fashion Accessories For Summer

One of the things I love most about summer attire is the casualness of it all. I can get away with palazzo pants, t-shirts and maxi dresses with sandals throughout the course of the entire season. The trick to showing your true style during this season is how you accessorize your summer basics. Don’t get …

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Lifestyle: The Perfect Pool-less Pool Party

It’s here, it’s here! 90 degrees, clear blue skies and the best weather we’ve seen since late August of 2015. No matter if you’re in Los Angeles or New York, you are undoubtedly experiencing the best warm weather ever. So, “it’s a great day for a pool party,” you think to yourself or out loud to a group of friends. Just one small problem – you can’t all fit into the Soho pool house. The local pool is just way too crowded to try to cram in your friends and a couple of spritzers. And that friend with the pool? Out of town. What are you to do? Time for a pool-less pool party!