My Addiction: Lip Balms

I’m going to go ahead and confess to something right here and right now. I have a dependency. I’m addicted to lip balms. If my lips are ever dry I secretly freak out. I might be a little OCD about it. At first I thought I was just diligent, but then I began to notice I was stashing them everywhere

Summer Makeup Saver: Mineral Powder Sunscreens

You know how it is in the summer. You put your face on in the morning and by noon it has melted off your face. Instead of reaching for your trusty blotting powder, why not consider one with SPF? Personally I’m really into mineral powder sunscreens these days. I know I’m a little insane with SPF, but I use a SPF primer and then usually apply either an SPF liquid foundation, BB Cream or mineral powder foundation. So I’m good to go when I walk out the door. However, I now make sure to keep a powder brush-on broad spectrum mineral powder sunscreen in my makeup bag to apply throughout the day. Why?