Looks for Less: Make Them Green with Envy

Lately, I’ve noticed have been subconsciously reaching for pieces in green tones for different fashion situations, both while planning outfits for the week, and while haphazardly getting dressed on rushed mornings. I’m sure I’m influenced by a few color trend articles I’ve read, but I know it’s more than that. Green is a very versatile …

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Making A Case For Case Station

Looking for a customizable case for your phone or tablet? I knew I wanted one branded with Fountain Of 30 but it also had to be indestructible since I have small kids and I am constantly dropping my phone (I have n idea why). Enter Case Station customizable phone cases! They offer cases in various model options (for Apple, Samsung and Motorola, etc.) and levels of durability, providing you with the case that best suits your personal needs.