Celebrity Style: Accessories Make The Outfit

There’s the old saying accessories make the outfit, but most celebrities can’t depend on accessories alone, unless maybe you’re Gwen Stefani circa the 90s. Yet even then all that colored hair, braces and a slew of piercings were only valid thanks to the rest of her rocker look – retro punk style in its element.

Still, when a fashionista throws on statement-making, heart-stopping belt, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, hat, and more, we stand up and take notice. Of course, the accessories need to be part of the outfit styled in the right way or the whole thing would just look off. (Katy Perry, we’re talking to you.)

Accessories Make The Outfit

The following celebs added accessories to their ensembles that made entire outfits pop. Plus each accessory was streamlined and styled in just the right way that it wasn’t over-the-top or off-putting. If you’re going to add an accessory, think about how it will make the outfit better. Take your cue from these fashion-savvy females.


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Kate Mara – Long Necklace

When wearing a V-neck dress, there’s always the question of whether to add a necklace. Usually, I like to wear a necklace that hits at the chest just above the cut, because it doesn’t look right when it hangs any lower. Surprisingly though, Kate Mara went in a direction I usually never dare to go – by draping a long silver accessory over a dress that was already super bright. I thought it would never work, but it did! I think there are a lot of factors that go into making this look work. The style of the dress, the type of necklace you choose, and yes, in my opinion, it does matter how large your chest region is! Usually, a larger necklace looks better in a V-shaped neckline, but the draped necklace typically doesn’t. In the case of Kate Mara’s yellow Dior, however, everything works.

Gwyneth Paltrow – High Heels 

I don’t usually call Gwyneth Paltrow out for her fashion choices (in a positive way.) We all remember that horrible braless Oscars dress. In this instance, though, she’s dressed age appropriately and stylishly in a chic turtleneck and red striped trousers for the Bumble Bizz Launch Dinner at Nobu Malibu in Los Angeles. Dare I say it may be the best I’ve ever seen her look? Both streamlined and chic and those red pumps oomph up some already stellar fashion choices.

Anne Hathaway – Tassel Earrings

Unlike Kate Mara, Anne Hathaway chose not to use a necklace with her V neckline. She did, however, throw on some larger earrings, totally going with the current tassel trend. I can’t decide if tassel earrings are glamorous or just boho but I do like how they play up what could otherwise be a boring black look. And they’re not the traditional hoops or long drop earrings, that frankly, I’m a little tired of. Also, I like she chose a nude tone and not something decidedly more forward like neon pink or blue. It wouldn’t look right for her look, her age, or the person she typically presents with her fashion. Correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t see Anne Hathaway in bright, neon earrings. Can you?

Emmy Rossum – A Belt

I’m still undecided on this one. In general, I love a good belt to cinch up (and light up) a look but I can’t tell if this white one adds or takes away from Emmy’s print dress. In a way, though, it does “light up” the look so to speak. I’m also undecided about those bows. Maybe the white belt would look good if the bows weren’t already there looking busy. Also the shoes? Too much all around. The moral of this story? Wear more belts with your dresses, but be careful when you do it with prints!

–Simona Shemer

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