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We’d like to introduce our new editor, Melissa Berry of the Cancer Fashionista. Melissa is a fashion and beauty publicist with a focus on luxury (so fancy). She’s worked with some pretty cool brands such as BCBG Max Azria,The Sak Handbags, Parker and Baume & Mercier watches. Four years ago, Melissa was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Her life came to a screeching halt when she had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy (yup, she totally lost all of her hair). During treatment Melissa was frustrated that everything that she needed (wigs, lashes, post mastectomy bras) were not in the same place. Lots of good stuff out there, but she really had to scour the Internet to find it. Behold Cancer Fashionista. Melissa likes to think of it as the Vogue of breast cancer. She’s on a mission to find the most fab tips, tricks and products to help you look and feel fab..no matter what. Kind of like your BFF who had breast cancer, and now she’s here to help you every step of the way. – Lauren & Carol

Create A Meditation Station

No matter how busy you are (even during the holidays), try and find just a few minutes each day to meditate. Start by creating a “Meditation Station.” Claim a quiet corner in your home as your very own, then treat yourself to just small indulgences. You’ll be feeling calm and balanced faster than you can say Namaste.

Supermodel Emme is a dear friend of mine, and introduced me to meditation when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. “Everyone needs a sacred space for meditation in order to truly manage all of the stresses and strains in your life,” explains Emme.


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Here’s all you need to get started

My Zen Home™ Dhyana™ Meditation Cushion in Aqua, $60.99

A meditation cushion like this one from Dhyana ($75) is great because it’s got an adjustable folding bolster built-in for added comfort and support. Plus isn’t it so pretty?

Plant Therapy Meditation Synergy Essential Oil Blend, $15.95

Essential oils instantly whisk you off to a blissful place. Check out the Meditation Synergy Blend from Plant Therapy.

Himalayan Salt Lamp, $34

Himalayan salt lamps like this one work as an ionizer and air purifier. They also give off a beautiful glow.

Calhoun & Co. Good At Naps Throw, $108

Comfort is key when you’re meditating. Wrap yourself in coziness with this adorable throw from Calhoun & Co available at Urban Outfitters.

Peace and Quiet Candle, $20

Last but not least, a candle just sets the mood. I love this chamomile and vanilla scented Peace & Quiet candle from The Salty Girl Boutique.

I hope you now have to tools to create your own mediation station or place to find a few minutes a peace every day.


Oh and if bills are totally stressing you out, check out Vera Sweeney’s Free Bill Payment Tracker Printable – How To Organize Bills Every Month, that will really help take some pressure off. They are a lifesaver!

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