7 Scents To Celebrate National Fragrance Month

Did you know November is National Fragrance Month? Well it is and we just made it with our 7 scents you should consider if you are looking for a new signature fragrance this winter. These are also great git ideas should you need them.

7 Scents To Celebrate National Fragrance Month

1. LINGER, $32.50

Technically this is not a fragrance but it does help your fragrance last longer. LINGER is based on a fine matrix of silicone polymers that creates an invisible shield that captures and holds scent to skin. The light, alcohol-free liquid spray is an “oil in water” emulsion that feels silky when applied. The hydrophobic ingredients provide a moisture barrier and hydrated skin allows a fragrance to stay closer to the surface of the skin versus being absorbed by dry skin. Once absorbed fragrance seems to disappear. LINGER will combat that problem.


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2. Euphorium Brooklyn “Petales” Eau De Parfum, $180

If you enjoy a modern floral then you simply must try Petales from micro-niche perfumer Euphorium Brooklyn. It has top notes of linden blossoms, hyacinths, orchid and lily. Mid notes are rose, violet, orange blossom, orris and jasmine. Throughout this floral orchestra are bottom notes of black pepper, honey, pink grapefruit and fig. Could there be anything more heavenly, or left?

3. Serendipity 3 Serendipitous Eau de Parfum Spray, $44.95

Serendipity 3 in NYC is the home of the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, also has a chocolate perfume called Serendipitous. Men go absolutely nuts for this warm fragrance (I can attest). So if you want to smell good enough to eat I suggest you try this irresistible fragrance. It’s a wearable chocolate with hints of Tahitian vanilla and blood orange. It’s very light so if you prefer a soft, non-perfumey scent you simply must try this one.

4. Georgia by Robin McGraw Parfum and Shower Gel, $14.99

This fragrance has a scent that’s more expensive than it’s price tag! Georgia is a botanical blend that exudes feminine allure and incredible strength. Opening notes are bergamot, pink freesia and water lotus. Mid notes are orchid and rose, and bottom notes are coral musks and amber. The shower gel contains aloe, calendula, honey and olive fruit extracts to leave your skin feeling soft.

5. Precious Liquid White Incense, $195

Precious Liquid is a new fragrance brand featuring 9 different scents created by husband and wife team Richard and Geo Herpin. Richard is a famed perfumer who has created over 200 fragrances including some Tom Fords, Lady Gaga Fame and others. Precious Liquid features unique patent pending 3D scent technology which means the application of 3 different yet complimentary scents on the 3 separate, designated zones of the body (neck, chest and wrist). The end result being the creation of a living, mutable, anti fatigue fragrance that constantly evolves as you move and does not permit your nose to get overly accustomed to nor tiring of it. White Incense is from the Exquisite Collection and has a woody base and accented with notes of amber and white pepper. It harmonizes well with Roses and Oud Smoke.

Yes, this one costs quite a bit but you are so worth it! I have raved about Krigler perfume before so obviously I had to include this romantic floral that was created in 1879 by founder Albert Krigler for his fiancée. The ‘Édition Précieuse of Pleasure Gardenia 79 is a more concentrated version of the iconic perfume packaged in a new diamond-like glass bottle, crafted by an Austrian artisan. This fresh floral has notes of gardenia, jasmine, mimosa, musk and vanilla.

7. Byredo Velvet Haze Eau de Parfum, $150

Byredo makes absolutely spectacular and complex fragrances and Velvet Haze is one of their best sellers. This eau de parfum embarks you in a psychedelic trip reminiscent of the hypnotic beauty of a bonfire. Top notes are ambrette and coconut water. Mid notes are patchouli leaves. Base notes are cocoa absolute, cotton musks and wild musk.


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7 Scents to Celebrate During National Fragrance Month...or all year!

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