Stunning Swimwear for the Beach or Pool for Women Over 40

Are you ready to make your beach or pool outing debut this season? We’ve touched a little bit on swimwear, but now that we’ve gotten Memorial Day weekend under our belts, it’s time to take the plunge and come ready with your pool and beachwear in full force. I will say, my beachwear game has been lacking these last couple of years. Between Covid and a new baby, I haven’t made it to the beach much, and when I did go, it was old shorts and tank tops for me. But it’s a new day and I’m ready to get back out there and bask in the sun in style. I’m sure I’m not the only one that could use a refresh in this area. So, let’s see what’s new and fun regarding swimwear for the beach or pool for summer 2022. Bonus points because all of these looks are great for women over 40!

Swimwear 2022

swimwear women over 40

Let’s start with the most important piece for your poolside look! There were a lot of swimsuit trends we saw on the runway for summer 2022; and I will say, some are a little too skimpy for my personal style journey. However, there were a few that I think are perfect for me and could work well with many women over 40 that want to keep some of the goodies under wraps. Sporty bikini tops, high-waisted bottoms, one-piece suits and rompers were all represented on the runway.


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Swimsuits for the Beach or Pool

One of the first options that I found and loved was this high-waisted bikini from Amazon. It comes in a wide variety of colors and the price is great at only $27. I would get this in a few colors and use them as staples for my beach days. If you want to stick with a one piece suit, try this V-neck wrap option from Landsend. It offers an extra layer of tummy control protection if you want to conceal a little extra around the middle and the rich, purple hue is perfect for the summertime. Finally, if you want even more coverage for your day in the sun, a swim romper is definitely a thing. I found this ultra-feminine one from REI. Depending on your personal style and comfort level, any of these options could work for any summer outing.

Beach and Pool Cover Ups

We don’t all want a beach cover up. But I have found in recent years, I have preferred to have one on hand just in case I’m not feeling like my most svelte self that day. Lately I’ve preferred just a tunic top or long button down shirt, as it can double up as a beach or pool cover up or (if it’s not too sheer) you can use it as a loose-fitting summer dress. I found this oversized linen one from Gap. Multiple colors are available, and they all are pretty flattering. Throw it on with sneakers or sandals and you have a cool, breezy option for Sunday brunch.

I’d also go the route of just wearing a pair of oversized shorts with my bathing suit and found these beach shorts from ASOS. You can add them to any two-piece or one-piece bathing suit to help you feel a little more covered on the bottom. Finally, if you prefer a full coverup for the pool or beach, you can try this cover up slip dress. It’s a simple silhouette that can be worn on any body type and with any swimsuit. It’s an easy pick if you want something that is no muss and no fuss.

Accessories for the Beach or Pool

I wanted to make sure to include some essential accessories for the beach or pool. As much as I love a great piece of jewelry and fashion bag to rock during my outing, I realized, sometimes it’s easy to forget the practical things. For example, I’ve been more diligent in protecting my head and hair when I’m out in the heat, and something like this Cotton Crusher Hat from Anthropologie is a great piece to throw into your beach tote. It protects my hair and face from damaging UV rays, and it provides nice shade.

Finally, this is perhaps an unpopular opinion, but water shoes are the best. I was gifted a pair years ago and they sat in my closet until I took a long beach vacation. At that point, I realized how useful they are. I found these beach shoes from Sketchers that look really cute and come in a few colors. They are streamlined, breathable and a terrific way to protect your feet if you are in the ocean or lake.

Expert Style Tips

  1. Don’t forget your SPF. This speaks for itself. Protect your skin to avoid untimely aging and the risk of sun damage.
  2. Bring layers and assess your look by your mood. I always like to bring a top cover up and bottom cover up with me to the beach or pool, then I can decide how much skin I want to show or not show. I may be feeling like my best self when I get to the beach, and then after a few snacks I may feel the need to cover up my mid-section. It’s always best to have options.
  3. Don’t fret too much about being “beach body” ready. I mean, how many of us really are? The summertime can be so short-lived, and if you are spending all of your time concerned about the little imperfections on your body (that we all have, mind you) the summer will pass you by! Find a great summer beach or pool look and get out there and have some fun!

Shop Swimwear for the Beach or Pool

Pictured above:

Mansy Women’s 2PCS Tripe Padded Push Up High Waisted Bikini, $27.99

Women’s Slender Tummy Control Chlorine Resistant V-neck Wrap One Piece Swimsuit Print, $92.97

Nani Swimwear Romper Swimsuit – Women’s, $100

Linen Weekend Tunic Shirt, $69.95

ASOS DESIGN natural beach short in black, $22

ELAN Cover-Up Slipdress, $44

Cotton Crusher Hat, $36

Foamies: Skechers GOwalk 5 – Sea Scape, $58

Runway Looks:

Chanel and Luli Fama

– Carmen Turner

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