Fabulous Summer To Fall Transition Outfits For Women Over 40

Fall just might be one of our favorite seasons for fashion. All the sweaters, jackets, blazers, scarves, boots and opportunities to layer that we’ve missed over the summer come back to us once the air gets crisp and the leaves start to turn again. Plus, you’re never too old for a “back to school” outfit or two! That said, it can be tough to dress in the fall and winter styles of our dreams when it is still eighty degrees in September. But making the transition between seasons can be easier than you think, at least when it comes to getting dressed for the day. Here are some of our favorite ways to take summer into fall. We found the best summer to fall transition outfits 2021 for women over 40.

Summer To Fall Transition Outfits 2021

summer to fall transition outfits 2021 fountainof30

Put Some Embroidery On It

From jackets to skirts and dresses, sweet embroidered details can anchor lighter pieces or otherwise add some visual weight to a look. Plus, embroidery of all kinds is one of fall 2021’s key embellishments, especially Scandinavian-influenced looks or ultra-luxe brocade-inspired pieces. Try wearing it now by mixing embroidered details with your summer pieces. For example, you could throw something like this embroidered kimono from Etsy over a tank and shorts or a t-shirt dress now, and wear it with jeans and a long-sleeved top when it gets colder. 


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Just Add Fringe

And all things western, like bandanas or studs. Maybe it’s the effect of Beyonce’s cowboy-influenced Ivy Park for Adidas collection or maybe we’re all just ready for a change. Keep it from being too costumey by wearing a single Western element at a time like a fringe-trimmed sweater or bag, or a bandana print top. This fringed yoke sweatshirt from Sanctuary at Nordstrom would be a perfect way to rock this trend (and also replace that tie-dye sweatshirt you’d been wearing forever – you know what we mean!).

Mix In Some Razor-Sharp Tailoring

Summer is a time for floaty dresses and airy tops, and you don’t have to give them up completely as the seasons change – just anchor them with a tailored vest or blazer. This is one trend we suggest investing in if you love it since you can never really go wrong with a perfectly fitted menswear-inspired jacket or vest like this one from Anthropologie

Swap Your Sandals For Boots (Or Even Sneakers)

Even if the rest of the outfit is the same, a heavier or chunkier shoe changes a delicate summer dress or blouse into something that seems more appropriate for September and October. Now might be the time to wear suede boots or boots with cut-outs that seem impractical when it gets colder, or show off a pair of colorful chunky sneakers with shorts or a skirt or skort. Or you could split the difference and get a pair of Chelsea boots with a sneaker sole, like these from JSlides at Nordstrom

Add A Heavier Belt

Switch your fabric belts or sashes on summer dresses out for leather belts, or add a belt to a swing dress for a more defined silhouette. Using a darker color or a wider silhouette can also help take a look from summer to fall. Switch from pale taupes or tans to a heavier cognac or cocoa brown shade, and of course, we always like black belts with statement buckles like the ones from B-Low The Belt

Go Warmer And Weightier With Your Jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, oversize and heavy pieces add some much-needed gravitas to lighter summer pieces (and your wardrobe in general). A bold pair of earrings, a thick cuff bracelet, or a necklace that could be modern-day chain mail armor like this 5-strand layered chain pendant necklace from Aqua at Bloomingdale’s all accomplish this goal. Plus oversize or statement pieces can just be fun to wear in general.  

Wrap A Scarf Around It

It might be too hot for your wool and cashmere scarves still, but adding a silk or otherwise lightweight scarf in jewel tones or autumnal hues can make a difference. Experiment with fun ways to drape scarves around your neck and shoulders, tie one on your ponytail, or wrap it around a chignon. Or just loop it around or through your purse handles as a way to update an older bag and perhaps hide wear and tear on the straps. We always love a good leopard print like this one from SOJOs or go for a vintage-inspired chain like this orange scarf from Your Smile (both on Amazon).  

Update Your Manicure

Changing your nails to a deep burgundy or berry tone always signifies the arrival of fall to us. Or you could go for something trendy like a deep espresso or amethyst purple shade, or something that screams fall like a rust orange. We’re loving the updated spin on the cult classic Lincoln Park After Dark, “Abstract After Dark” and “Espresso Your Inner Self”, both from OPI’s new Downtown LA collection

How do you get that fall feeling even when it still feels like summer outside? What trends are you picking up this fall, and what are you skipping? And perhaps most importantly, do you still feel the need to get a new outfit or go shopping for “back to school” season even if it has been years since you were a student? 

Shop Summer To Fall Transition Outfits 2021

(Pictured above from left to right)

Etsy Embroidered Kimono, now $24.40

Sanctuary Fringe Yoke Cotton Sweatshirt, $69

Anthropologie Menswear Vest, $98

JSlides Dani Platform Chelsea Boot, now $109.90

B-Low The Belt Hadley Belt, now $72.80

Aqua Five-Layer Pendant Necklace, 17″ – 100% Nordstrom Exclusive, now $$39.20

SOJOS Fashion Leopard Pattern Lightweight Chiffon Silk Women Scarf, $13.99

YOUR SMILE Silk Feeling Scarf Women’s Fashion Pattern & Solid Color Large Square Satin Headscarf, $7.99

OPI Downtown LA Nail Lacquer Mini 4 Pack, $16.50


–Jacqueline Zenn

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