Spin Spin Sugar. Flywheel Sports NYC Reinvents the Spinning Wheel

I was offered a sample ride after the craziness of Fashion Week at Flywheel Sports. Since I used to be a spinning instructor for many years before I got pregnant, am addicted to spinning, need to get baby weight off and basically did not work out for a full week during fashion week, I was all too happy to try it. I find nothing helps me fight the Fashion Week Flu (in my case a cold this season) better than sweating!

So a week ago last Friday I worked my way to the Flatiron area to check out the new spinning studio that is Flywheel Sports, where they believe in great workouts and having a great time!

So how is Flywheel Sports different than taking a spinning class at your regular gym? Well first of all, they provide you cycling (clip) shoes (which they sterilize after every use). All the bikes are clip ins, so no sneakers allowed (which is music to my ears). Anyone can tell you, once you wear clips, you will never go back to sneakers. It's a totally different ride. The Schwinn bikes are set up studio style so there isn't a bad view in the room. The class itself is high-intensity cardio where the instructors teach one of the most challenging indoor cycling classes I have ever taken (and I'm a tough judge).


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The bikes themselves are equipped with a proprietary technology package, that monitors your performance across various metrics – rpm/cadence, resistance, energy. Each Flywheel bike communicates with the central systems in the studio, including the TorqBoards (large flatscreen displays that can show ride
profile, video, and ride leaders). Additionally, individual performance data from each ride is stored and made available to each rider on his/her “my account” page at flywheelsports.com – enabling individual goal setting and performance tracking.  I did the 45 minute signature ride which is a physically challenging, high-energy, rhythm-based ride! I found I really pushed myself which is exhilarating.

My favorite part? Well I am not one who believes in doing pushups on a bike, but who doesn't want a bit of upper body toning in their cardio workout? Well beside each bike are two body bars that look like batons. During one song we used them to work a bit on our arms, shoulders and backs. What a pleasant surprise to have a safe upper body workout as well as a hard ride.

No need to be intimidated or afraid. Everybody is very helpful and the facility is as clean as can be.The instructor even remembered my name and encouraged me by name during the ride. Really top notch.


Currently there is only one location. The Flagship Flywheel Sports is located at 39 West 21st Street in the Flatiron/Chelsea neighborhood. It' boasts a 3,300 square foot indoor cycling studio complete with guest changing facilities and a comfortable guest lounge. The climate-controlled stadium-style studio seats 48 riders in a truly state of the art facility with unimpeded views of the instructor and outstanding acoustics.

In late March another location will be opening on the Upper West Side – 334 Amsterdam Avenue at West 76th Street (at the JCC in Manhattan).

•    Ruth Zukerman -  Flywheel’s creative director and a legendary instructor who is widely credited as the driving force behind the New York City indoor cycling phenomenon.
•    Tiki Barber – former New York Giants football star, TV personality and indoor cycling enthusiast.


$180 per month, initial six month minimum
Includes unlimited indoor cycling rides.  Fly members can reserve an unlimited number of rides for the upcoming week. 

$325 per month, initial six month minimum.
Our highest level of service.  Superfly status includes unlimited indoor cycling rides and the opportunity to reserve bikes for the next week of rides two days before all other members.  Plus, unlimited access to ride at our other locations.

Ride Series (for the commitment phobic)
Single Ride – $30
Book of 5 Rides – $135 ($27/ride)
Book of 10 Rides – $250 ($25/ride)
Book of 20 Rides – $450 ($22.50/ride)

Call 212.942.9433 for more information

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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