Legally Yours. Naomi Campbell Assaults Driver Over Year Old Dispute

Naomi Campbell is not exactly a "model" citizen

Naomi Campbell should really get a refund for those anger management courses she took after her last tantrum-throwing incident. If the had done any good for her, she may have thought twice about the erratic and completely psychotic attack she staged at her chauffeur yesterday, the reason for which, the supermodel is claiming has to do with a fight that happened a year ago. Before you go back and make sure you read that right, I'll save you the time and just say yes, this is actually the case.

Yesterday afternoon Miodrag Mejdina, Campbell's Cadillac Escalade driver reportedly picked up the former supermodel in the Midtwon area of New York City and prepared to take her to a photo shoot. At some point in what one would take for an uneventful drive, Campbell became furious and began to physically beat Mejdina, slapping and punching him and even banging his head against the steering wheel. The attack was seemingly started after Campbell began brooding over an incident that happened a year ago. The press has just discovered it probably involved her current boyfriend, Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin. Apparently, last year, when Mejdina was driving him around, Campbell called Doronin but he didn't answer. She then called Mejdina, who also didn't answer. How dare they! So after Campbell put two and two together in Mejdina's car, she reportedly flew into a rage thinking Mejdina wouldn't tell her whether Doronin, who is still married, was cheating on her.


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Article Source:  NYDN, NY Mag

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-Alia Rajput

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