Skincare Must: Makeup Removal Wipes

I’m a huge fan of baby wipes. Even though my boys are no longer babies, I still keep them handy because I can no longer live without them. However, do I use them on my face? Um, no. Now there are makeup remover wipes which I am also now obsessed with. Why? Well I used to just wash my face and use an eye makeup remover, but the first time I tried one of these wipes I was amazed at all the makeup that come off (even eye makeup and lipstick). Was I just washing the makeup into my skin? Probably. I feel this important first step makes my skin much cleaner before I wash it and use my skincare products before bed.

Makeup removal wipes also come in handy when you want to change your makeup from day to night. As you can see from below, there are so many options. Some even do double duty and have anti-aging skincare properties, or remove waterproof mascara. Now I really can’t live without wipes! I’d like to buy the world a wipe…



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Disclosure: I was given some wipes to try, some I bought myself and a few I have not tried personally.

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