Must Try: Kiehl’s Since 1851 Custom Blended Personalized Facial Concentrates

When I received an email about new customized skincare inspired by Kiehl’s Since 1851 heritage, I had to check it out for myself. Kiehl’s has been providing solutions to unique skincare needs since 1851! Now they are offering their 165 years of expertise to create in-store custom-blended formulas in the original New York City apothecary complete with one-on-one skin consultations. Apothecary Preparations pays homage to the days when Kiehl’s was still an apothecary and its founding family created tailor-made skin and hair remedies for customers using high concentrations of effective natural ingredients blended with pharmaceutical actives.

This is the original and flagship store in NYC!

I can’t believe I had never been to the original Kiehl’s New York Flagship at 109 Third Avenue in NYC, but I hadn’t. I have been to other locations, but am ashamed to say not the original. If you have never been there, you should go. I am fascinated by New York’s history and part of the store is like a time capsule. There is original shelving, filing cabinets, memorabilia and pictures from the old days. It was like going to a museum…with skincare products.

These items are on the original shelves.
Even this guy is a relic from the old days.

Anyway, this new service combines a comprehensive skincare consultation and analysis and new Kiehl’s formulas, allowing customers to walk away with their own customized and personalized skincare concentrate that addresses both men’s and women’s skin concerns. These handmade, customized formulas were available in the Kiehl’s Pharmacy until the 1980s.


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“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to go back to our apothecary roots with the introduction of Apothecary Preparations,” shares Chris Salgardo, Kiehl’s US President. “We’ve always been committed to a high level of customer service, but with Apothecary Preparations, we can elevate that experience even more by giving customers a deeper understanding of their unique skin concerns and needs while delivering a completely personalized facial concentrate they can activate themselves.”

The Skin Atlas!

“One of the most common customer desires we encounter at Kiehl’s is one targeted approach to multiple skincare concerns,” says Christina Gabriel, VP of Customer Experience. She continues, “We’ve conducted millions of skincare consultations in our history. Through these, we’ve determined that we can provide the most effective personalized skincare solution possible by addressing the customer’s top two skincare concerns with one uniquely targeted and potent serum.”

It’s true. I feel like I am applying a bunch of different products at night to deal with various skin issues and I have always wanted one that essentially combats all of my skin issues (and there are volumes!). I have a secret fear my skin will dissolve or explode from the mixture of several products I apply every evening. I am NOT a scientist!

Here I am with Barbara taking the service all in! It was fascinating.


Step One: A Kiehl’s Customer Service Representative (KCR) will work with you to choose a personalized facial concentrate based on your specific skin concerns.

Step Two: Using the Kiehl’s Skin Atlas and an iPad your representative walks you through the five skin attributes that can be targeted, while rating your skin on a scale of 1-4 for each concern. Concerns include: redness, wrinkles, rough texture, large pores and dullness. Clearly I went with brightening and wrinkles!

Apothecary Preparations Targeted Complexes

Step Three: Depending on the results of this diagnosis your KCR will help you select two essential Targeted Complexes. The KCR then ads a drop of each with the Skin Strengthening Concentrate base and blends a sample for you to try on your hand.

Step Four: Once the formula is finalized, a custom label (with your name) is printed and affixed to your Personalized Skin Concentrate.

Step Five: Once you get home freshly mix your concentrate by squeezing both Targeted Complexes into the bottle. Shake it for about 20-30 seconds (they give you instructions, but a 6 year old could do it). Then your formula is ready to use. It’s that simple.

Here are my particular skin needs.

I have been using my personal nightly serum for a little over 2 weeks now and I love it so much, I don’t think I will be able to live without it moving forward. One added little bonus they don’t mention, but I will tell you is the serum smells so divine I actually can’t wait to apply it after I wash my face. It has a subtle floral smell which is perfect for relaxing before bed. I rub any extra serum on my hands.

Right now Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations is only available at their flagship store here in NYC,  but they will be rolling it out nationwide in the fall. The in-store consultation is complimentary, and available to any and all customers, who can walk-in for the service, or call their nearest participating store to make an appointment. The final concentration – including the two chosen complexes –retails for $95, and is available ONLY with the consultation. This product is NOT available online.


Here is my personalized serum with my very own personal label.
My bottle
What I was given to take home.
Simply mix it all together when you get some so it’s as fresh as possible.

If you are interested in Apothecary Preparations you can ask for the service upon any visit to a store in
which it’s available (most free-standing Kiehl’s locations) this fall, or schedule an appointment by calling the store in advance. More information is available



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Disclosure: Sample provided for review, but opinions are my own.


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