Shoes of Prey Design Studio Opens At Nordstom Oakbrook: A Shoe Lover's Dream Come True!

Jodie-Fox-shoes-of-Prey How many times have you thought, “I wish they had that same shoe, only in a different color, or with a different heel height or toe style”? Or say “I wish they had it in my size!” Well your wish is now granted with custom shoes you can design yourself. Shoes of Prey carried out a concept we could only dream about! Co-Founder Jodie Fox took that shoe dream and made it a reality. It started in Australia where she teamed up with the best manufacturers and technology she could find to take it to a level where you can actually see (in 3-D) your dream shoe being built. The quality of the leathers and materials are superb and the price at around $200 is doable, too, depending on the style. That is inexpensive when it comes to custom shoes and if you think it is expensive, well think about how many shoes you have bought and never wear!
Shoes of Prey Co-Founder Jodie Fox
Shoes of Prey Co-Founder Jodie Fox
I met Jodie Fox at Nordstrom Oakbrook Center, where they just opened a Shoes of Prey Design Studio last week. She is so lovely – well, she is a shoe fairy-princess after all. She was in town for the grand opening event with Janie Bryant, Emmy Award-winning Costume Designer for Mad Men who designed a Shoes of Prey collection. The Wedding Suite at Nordstrom will also offer the Shoes of Prey experience tailored for brides-to-be and bridal parties.
Pink Shoe shoes of prey
Fantastic styles and fabric options
I told Jodie women can spend hours playing on the Shoes of Prey website. “And they do!” she told me. I asked her how they can possible offer a 365 day money back guarantee. She smiled, “That’s because we stand by our product. And we rarely have returns!” I can see why when you are getting exactly what you want. The shoes are made to order in sizes from 2-1/2 to 15 and in 5 widths. No more kids shoes for small feet or boring shoes for large feet! They offer 170 materials including snakeskin, fish skin, silk, suede, hair calf and multiple textures. They will also ship swatches to you to see the actual materials and how they look together. “When I choose leathers, I see how they will look on a shoe.” Jodie said, laying a swatch down on her own foot. The advantage you have if you can go to a Shoes of Prey Design Studio (Exclusive to Nordstrom in the US) is to have a one-on-one consultation with an expert Shoe Stylist. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to have Jodie consult me for my own pair of shoes. You know how it is, you think you know what you want but it is helpful to have someone who knows the materials help you. And many times you go with something that is already put together for you, which is why Jodie loves to have designer lines on Shoes of Prey like Janie Bryant. You can start with a Janie Bryant design, or any of the lines they feature, and customize it just for you!
Designing my Shoes of Prey
Designing my Shoes of Prey
My colors shoes of prey
My colors swatches
Here’s how Jodie helped me from spending hour and hours! First she asked me the heel height I like. I said 4″ is my max, lower is better lately! And I like block heels. So we started with a pump on the screen. In one of the online examples I spotted a black pump with a textured gold metallic heel. Black is so boring I thought, but not with a good heel, and turquoise lining. Josie added a black sole to my deign. But what kind of black? I had a choice of patent, textured, hair calf, suede or smooth. Since it is spring I went with smooth. Then she brought out some pumps with the heel height in my size and a half size down. I have a bunions – worse on one foot and she was going to add a note to cut the shoe higher. They can do things like that. But then I noticed the pointed sling back shoes she was wearing were a better style for me, and would solve any comfort issues. Carol Calacci shoes of Prey She popped this style shoe on the screen and I said, “That is hot!” (and I never use that term). Woot! We had the shoe for me completely designed. We even personalized the inside with my name! It will ship to me in the next several weeks. Expect 2 to 4 weeks turnaround time. I’m already thinking about my next pair.
Jodie Fox and Janie Bryant
Jodie Fox and Janie Bryant
Shoes of Prey Grand Opening Party at Nordstrom Oak Brook
Shoes of Prey wall of color swatches and samples at Nordstrom Oak Brook
Shoes of Prey, Janie Bryant
From the Janie Bryant Shoes of Prey Collection
Shoes of Prey  Try On shoes
Shoes of Prey Try On Shoes
Visit Shoes of Prey Design Studios at Nordstrom Ooakbrook Center, Bellevue Square, Fashion Island, San Francisco Centre, Garden State Plaza and Pentagon City or online at Nordstrom – Carol Calacci Photos: Second City Style and Courtesy of Shoes of Prey

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