Sequin Boutique: The New Gem in Lincoln Park.

SEQUIN event  02-24-11  Photos by Steve Starr 076-Yen Le-Second City Style
 Sequin Owner Kim Renk & Store Owner Frances Renk

I can guarantee you'll be a regular at Sequin's Boutique. A store brimming with pristine and sanely priced costume jewelry. A necessary stop before any big night out for that stunner piece.

Who are the masterminds behind this winning formula? Kim and Frances Renk, a dynamic sisters-in-law team who are the designers behind the covetable line Sequin.  The two have been manufacturing jewelry for more than a decade for big retailers like Express, Target, and Macy's, as well as collaborating with Badgley Mischka. Their pieces are also a hot commodity on the set of Gossip Girl and have been featured in almost every fashion magazine.


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SEQUIN event  02-24-11  Photos by Steve Starr 014-Yen Le-Second City Style

Turquois Galore.

In addition to their showroom in NYC and store location in Palm Beach, Chicago will  mark their third shop in the States and something tells me it's not going to stop there! Inside of the quaint shop was a blinding combination of glass and rhinestones which caused most of my visual impairment (in a good way)  as I walk through a snug aisles of white lacquered jewelry cases. One of my favourite details of the decor would be the crystal chandeliers that just dripped necklaces while faux monarch butterflies perch lightly on the beads. I thought it was gorgeous and it looked quite opulent.

SEQUIN event  02-24-11  Photos by Steve Starr 057-Yen Le-Second City Style

Hostess Erica Bethe Levin, Hostess Maggie Morgan, Sequin Owner Kim Renk, Hostess Samantha Saifer and Hostess Jessica Zweig


 SEQUIN event  02-24-11  Photos by Steve Starr 056-Yen Le-Second City Style 

Guest: Lisa Hutcherson and Robbie Martin

Featured in the displays were Sequin's Spring 2011 collection as well as the work of other designers and collaborations. A rich selection of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets fills out the displays elegantly and provides an endless spectrum of radiant color. I became entranced with the Art Deco line with its clean lines and sophisticated palette of black, gold, and rhinestones. A couple of crowd favorites were the Starfish Necklace from Sequin and the savagely hip metal chains from the Ikat collection.

Sequin btq 064

Exquisite isn't it?

Beyond any doubt, it's going to be hard to walk past this this bedazzling gem in Lincoln Park without stopping by. I already have numerous excuses lined up so I can frequent Sequin as much as possible, like shopping for my friend's birthday gift and upcoming events. The prices are right on point and the fashion jewelry will leave you wanting more. An absolute gem for all those seeking: something shiny, something new, and some cool jewelry that looks great on you.

 -Yen Le

Photos: Steve Starr

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