Selicia's Fashion & Beauty Resolutions for 2015

Selicia Walker Second City Style
As 2015 was approaching, I heard people chattering about things they wanted to accomplish in the new year and I said that I was not making any resolutions. However, as time passed and the clock struck 12 o’clock on January 1st, I kept coming up with things I wanted to make a priority this year. I tend to have a much better success rate when I write my goals down. In a way, I feel it holds me accountable. So here are just some of the resolutions I have for 2015.
1. Treat my body better! I know how important it is to eat right and exercise. My problem is I’m never doing them both at the same time! I can be vigorously and religiously working out but still eating crap or eating healthy and not working out at all. I know I will see real results if I marry a healthy diet and consistent exercise. My goal is to look and feel healthier.
 2. Cook more. I absolutely love to cook and create new recipes and my friends and family don’t mind the taste testing. I really want to continue to broaden my skills in the kitchen and become more comfortable cooking cuisines like Vegan and Indian.
3. Build Beautiful skin. Beyond drinking lots of water, there isn’t a whole lot I do for my skin. Sure I wash my face in the morning, but rarely at night, and yes I moisturize, exfoliate and do body scrubs, when I remember and I’m not rushing to get ready. I recently began my Birchbox subscription and I love all the great products I get to try. My box is tailored to my needs and when I discover products I really like, I buy full-sized versions.
4. Make time for relaxation and pampering. Relaxation is so important and giving myself time to truly unwind is something I want to commit to fully this year. Taking a weekly soak in the bathtub and getting a bi-weekly mani and pedi and a monthly massage are all on my list for 2015!
5. Make hair health a priority. Anyone that knows me knows that I hate doing my own hair. I don’t even wash it myself! I prefer to have a professional deal with it. I have naturally curly hair (that I always wear straight) and because my curls are so small and tight, my hair is a real chore. This year, I want to become more comfortable styling my own hair and find products to make the process of doing my hair more manageable and even enjoyable.
6. Accentuate with accessories. I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes and handbags and I don’t wear the ones I have enough! This year I want to incorporate more variety into my wardrobe using accessories. Accessories are an easy and inexpensive way to revamp your wardrobe. I enjoy layering 3-4 bracelets with my watch and wearing a great statement necklace or a fun pair of earrings and then coupling a beautiful handbag in a non-traditional shape or print with a coordinating pair of shoes. Accessories give so many options and can add personality to the simplest outfit.
mint bag
7. Incorporate color into my wardrobe all year. Now I am so not that girl that has a closet full of black! I love color but I tend to be drawn towards the same colors at the same time of year. I want to be more fearless and wear color ALL year, not just in the spring and summer. I tend to keep my outfit choices more neutral and muted when it’s cold outside but this year I am throwing away that habit. I will wear turquoise in December, yellow in February, and cobalt blue in October. Just yesterday, I wore and ivory and beige sweater dress coupled with a mint colored scarf and matching handbag.
8. Start A business! Fashion is my true passion and I thoroughly relish sharing my knowledge and opinions with others. I enjoy fashion styling and pulling inspiration from different areas to create fabulous looks. I have wanted to do this for about a year now and I really feel that I am at the point where I am ready to turn my passion for fashion and obsession with accessories into an e-commerce business. I spent all of last year conducting research and networking with people I know own successful businesses and I am ready to take the leap myself.
– Selicia A. Walker, Second City Style Fashion News Editor

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