Project Runway All Stars Season 4, Episode 8: (Hot Dudes) Making A Splash

Project Runway All Stars 4-8 Designers
Is Alyssa Milano really on the cover USA Today? Of course not. It’s just another blatant product placement for the week’s sponsor. The article directs the designers to meet on the roof of one of NYC’s prized tiny (and germ-infested) hotel pools (that’s how we roll in NYC). Alyssa greets the 8 remaining designers with USA Today Travel president John Peters to announce the week’s challenge which is to design an “elegant” resortwear look and a complimentary swimsuit. Zoinks. A swimsuit? Apparently Michelle is the only designer to have ever attempted swimwear previously.
Project Runway All Stars 4-8  Pool-boys
Where does the swimsuit fabric come from? Clear bubbles in the bottom of the pool…duh. Gratuitous man candy “pool boys” strip down to their banana hammock swimsuits to dive in for the designers and fetch their desired material. Oy. Of course everyone was making a fuss over the men since all 8 designers prefer men. Whatevs. The designers then have $150 to spend at Mood for the rest of their looks. To really rattle the designers they are informed the models will be reassigned. The stakes are high – the winner will receive a full photo story and interview in USA Today and a vacation to the Caribbean.
Zanna comes to the workroom to provide feedback with USA Today Style & Fashion editor Alison Maxwell and it’s pretty boring except Dmitry is internally freaking out because his new model is a giant and he has to rethink his design. Justin has similar problems and Fabio is told his look is veering on boring. Most interestingly, Samantha makes a ridiculous amateur error and sews the top of her jumpsuit twisted. Was she drinking?
Project Runway All Stars 4-8 Judges
Off to the runway! Joining Alyssa (who now you’d think might go into labor in her director’s chair) is Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi and hottie-potatie fashion photographer Nigel Barker.
Project Runway All Stars 4-8 Sonjita_
Sonjia – I love this look and am surprised the judges don’t therefore I am even more surprised she’s one of the top three. All agree her navy lace pants are sublime, but she is taken to task for the fit of her navy lace blocked with denim jacket. It sounds worse than it looks. The top of her bandeau is loved by all and the high-wasted bottom is very retro, in a good way.
Project Runway All Stars 4-8  Dmitry
Dmitry – Even though he ignors the warning that Isaac hates asymmetry and silk charmeuse, he pulls it off! The color of the silk dress is stunning and compliments the perfectly fitting camo swimsuit. Even Isaac admits Dmitry was right to trust his instincts…this time.
Project Runway All Stars 4-8 Justin
Justin – This look has to win! The navy dress over a black one-piece with amazing back detail is the most cohesive. Justin scores his second win of the season. Unbelievable considering he was almost eliminated last week. Yeah!
Project Runway All Stars 4-8  Jay
Jay – The dress moves seductively, but Georgina says the leather yoke weighs it down. His choice of bathing suit print is universally hated and Nigel points out the bathing suit bottom hits at the worst part of the model’s stomach..her belly button. Who wants that? Jay thinks he has this one in the bag when he sees it on the runway. He’s just lucky to survive another week.
Project Runway All Stars 4-8 Michelle
Michelle – Agreeably Michelle probably has the best swim suit of the competition (yellow and black zig-zag print with black elastic overlay), but her dress is one of the worst. The cut is unflattering, not to mention the pleating makes the model look massive from the profile. It’s puzzling, yet her suit saves her.
Project Runway All Stars 4-8  Samantha
Samantha – While she is praised for being the only designer to design an on-trend jumpsuit (which she manages to untwist) the bathing suit is beyond hideous. She says she’s going for a “Baywatch” vibe, but the pattern is very neon 80’s and ill-fitting. The word “camel-toe” comes up which is never a good thing. As expected, Samantha is out.
Memorable Quotes:
“My last line was all swimwear but the first, probably ten I made were f-ing awful.” – Michelle
“Baby girl’s not getting her hair wet – for nobody.” – Sonjia
“But I love my girl!” – Fabio
“I’ll make her look exclusive or I’ll change her flight to somewhere else!” – Jay
“Zanna loves it and I think Dmitry’s look is … absolutely hideous!’ – Michelle
“That swimsuit…” – Dmitry (with finger in mouth puking gesture.)
“I still keep my face – but inside I ready to blow up!” – Dmitry
“It’s all twisted…how does that happen?” – Samantha
“Sleep deprivation.” – Helen
“I went for high cut and now I see a thong. But I can’t believe I’m seeing so much bootie on the runway.” – Samantha
“The fabric reminds me of something I put my toddler boy in.” – Alyssa about Jay’s bathing suit
“I don’t understand this woman. And then she takes it off and I get flash dance.” – Georgina Chapman
“I really understand this woman. I want to be this woman.” – Georgina about Justin’s design
“It just simple looked like she caught it in her underwear.” -Nigel
“The crotch…ughh!” – Geogina
“And instant camel toe…” – Nigel
“I wasn’t getting camel toe, but blue snuckle” – Isaac
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
Photos: Lifetime

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