Celebrity Style: Winter Trends to Start 2015 Off Right

Celebrity Style Winter Looks 2015
Awards season is certainly upon us but so is the reality of winter. Still, harsh winter weather doesn’t have to mean hibernating indoors with a big DKNY cozy (though that does sound tempting, now doesn’t it?). What does it mean then? Breaking out the winter wraps, sweaters and trends, of course.  Let’s check out what trends the celebs are picking up on this winter season.
Covered Up Print by Blake Lively 
We all know Blake Lively recently had her baby. Prior her delivery, though, she was wrapping her baby belly in all kinds of chic winter wear, including this geometric print cape by Lindsey Thornburg. You can find it on her site, Preserve.
Don’t worry – you don’t have to be pregnant to pull off this sleek winter trend. It’s another colorful alternative to the winter coat. Just make sure it comes with a cool print.
Winter White by Victoria Beckham 
Is it a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day? Not if Victoria Beckham has anything to say about it (not to mention she’s English, so he plays by her own fashion rules.)! We all know oversized sweaters are in this season, but white? Sure! If you don’t think you can pull off the linebacker shoulders (and not many can) then opt for a surprising boost of white. It can be just as invigorating as print – or color!
Leather by Gwen Stefani 
If there’s one thing that Gwen Stefani usually does right – it’s mixing and matching trends in surprising new ways. She’s always taking risks, but interestingly enough, it’s never over-the-top. Maybe it’s that whole ‘rocker mom’ thing she’s got going on – mixing two different kinds of cool style and making it effortless too. That’s why we know that leather pants will always be her staple in winter – and she wears it well. You can, too, if you make it subtle and don’t let it carry your whole outfit. Like when she pairs it with this oversize olive green coat, above.
Mixed Prints by Margot Robbie
It’s not easy to pair different prints against each other. But in winter, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ star Margot Robbie makes it work! I’m not sure I know of too many people whp can mix leopard print and gingham – so what’s Margot’s trick? Keeping it in the same color family, not overdoing it, and giving it just a slight pop with cream-colored pumps. Follow her lead and you too can mix and match prints and keep it sophisticated all winter.
– Simona Kogan
Photos: Elle.com, Harper’s Bazaar 

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