How To Romp(er) When You’re Over 40

You may think rompers are off limits for you if you are over the age of 40 (even the name sounds juvenile), but they don’t have to be. First you have to have an honest conversation with yourself. It goes like this: “Self, are my legs looking better than most 30 year-olds? Or do I have veins, thighs that are touching and legs I’d rather hide?” If the answer is the latter, you may want to skip this trend or stick with jumpsuits. If your legs are banging, you can wear a romper, but there are some tricks to the trend.

Remember the model wearing the romper in the picture is much taller than most human women, so keep in mind the length might actually work on you, but study the picture hard and be sure the shorts are long enough. Obviously you are going to want to try (it on) before you buy.

Tips for Buying a Romper and How to Wear a Romper

  1. Buy it a size larger. I do this anyway because I have a long torso, but a size larger will make it longer and more comfortable.
  2. Look for inseams of at least 3″.  The longer the shorts, the better.
  3. If it has cuffs, you can unroll them adding inches to the shorts.
  4. Don’t be too cutesy, a negligee style will look ridiculous.
  5. Consider a culotte style if you feel your legs are not show-worthy.
  6. Wear a flat shoe (like a sandal) because heels will shrink the length of the shorts.
  7. Check yourself from all angles, including behind. A full-length mirror is your friend here.

If you have any doubts or don’t feel 100% confident wearing a romper, skip this trend. I have an Old Navy romper I bought a few seasons ago and have been wearing it to death, but I made sure to buy it in a size large instead of my usual medium so it’s long enough.


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Shop Rompers for Women Over 40

Here are some rompers for consideration:

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10 thoughts on “How To Romp(er) When You’re Over 40”

  1. I just received the olive color JCrew romper you pictured. It runs large, so no need to size up. It is a fun and modest look, even better than I hoped. The top is very roomy and fairly long waisted as well. I wear a 4 or 6 in a dress, and this fit loosely in a 4.


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