Revive your Skin With A Pumpkin Facial at The Spa at Equinox

Equinox-Spa-Pumpkin-FacialConsider treating yourself to a pumpkin facial at The Spa at Equinox. Pumpkin (besides being in season) is a gentle exfoliant that enriches your skin with essential AHAs and enzymes. Krissy, my favorite licensed esthetician at Equinox Lincoln Park in Chicago said to think of enzymes “like Pac-Man” eating away all the dead skin cells, only ever so gently. Krissy uses the pumpkin scrub all year round because it is perfect for clients who have sensitive or broken out skin. She will basically tailor your facial to your particular skin care needs. Additionally the fragrance is wonderful this time of year! Ktissy then followed the exfoliation with a deep moisturizing mask – containing honey! It left my skin super nourished, soft and glowing. In recent years I have become a fan of facials in my fight to combat aging. I notice an improvement in my skin every time I get one, and the experience gets me back on track to properly taking care of my skin on my own time. I know it helps when Krissy is asking “and are you using an exfoliating scrub 3 times a week?” Um er, I know I’d better!
Krissy Froelich at The Spa at Equinox Lincoln Park Chicago
Visit The Spa at Equinox for the seasonal Pumpkin Facial at an Equinox near you or try one of their other facial like their signature 24-Carat Gold Facial (I love!) and more. You don’t have to be a member to visit the spa and you can get a fitness pass for the day too! The Spa @ Equinox  | Lincoln Park | 1720 N. Clark, Chicago, IL |  312-254-4000 – Carol Calacci Photos: Equinox and FountainOf30 Service provided for review but the opinions are my own.

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