DIY Ripped Black Jeans (For Those Over 35): How-To Video!

DIY-Torn-Jeans-Do-Not-wear-extremely-torn-jeans I love ripped jeans! I have a few pairs (OK, 6), but I don’t like them overly destroyed because they look better on 22 year-olds and ridiculous on the rest of us! Shredded is a word that should not be in our vocabulary. Black ripped jeans are very on trend this fall and I love them, but I don’t care to spend over $200 on a pair/trend I may only wear one season. So sorry J. Brand,  Rag & Bone and Frame, but I’ll be bypassing your black ripped jeans this season. You can make your own and it’s a simple DIY project that takes about 20 minutes. All you need:
  • a pair of inexpensive very black skinny or cropped jeans (I mean under a $100 and with no showing labels)
  • chalk
  • scissors
  • washer and dryer
Watch this video and I’ll show you how!
Here they are!
I’m wearing: Loft Modern Skinny Jeans in Black, $69.50 Kohl’s Thakoon for DesigNation Floral Peasant Top, now $17.60 – Lauren Dimet Waters

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