Be Warned! The Remington Wet 2 Straight Wet/Dry Straightening Iron Fried My Hair


One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to learn how to straighten my own hair…well. Even though some may say I am blessed with naturally thick curly hair, we always want what we don't have and for me that's long, flowing, silky hair. So every winter when I am not confronted by humidity, I find myself spending too much time and money having  my hair straightened. I don't do this every day or even every week, but only when I have an event to attend or during Fashion Week when I want to look a little more…glam. I was never very adept at achieving the same results as my hair dresser…try as I might.

Not only do I not have the time to run out and have my hair blown out, at $35-50 a pop, it gets expensive. I am determined to show up the professionals. I have been practicing since New Year's. Armed with my ion hair dryer and Chi ceramic iron I was getting pretty good at it.


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That was until I tried the Remington Wet 2 Straight Wet/Dry Straightening Iron this morning. I was testing it for our Annual Beauty Olympics and I am afraid my hair is fried. Permanently. I have a policy not to trash anything on this blog. If I don't like something, I just don't mention it. No press in my opinion, says it all. The only time I break from this policy is when I feel readers and/or the general public need to be warned when something is egregious or could be harmful. 


Granted, this isn't me (you didn't think I would let you see what I look like now, did you?), but you get the idea!

As I sit here typing (having just pulled myself away from the mirror of horrors in tears) my hands are still shaking. I have ruined my hair. I swear I followed the instructions carefully but was left with hair that was frizzy, resembles straw and with about a zillion new split ends. Yes, I stupidly welcomed the opportunity to eliminate the step of blow drying. I was selfish and ignored the tiny voice in my head telling me 'steaming your wet hair dry can't be good.' Besides getting a mini steam facial while straightening my hair there was no other upside.

Be warned. My Remington Wet 2 Straight Wet/Dry Straightening Iron is going straight into the garbage and I am going straight to my hairdresser to get justifiably chewed out and trimmed!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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