Reach for the Highest Level Personal Training: Tier X at Equinox

handstand-trainer-tier-x-equinox-fitness Equinox redefined the future of fitness with the debut of Tier X, a personal training program that pushes the boundaries of possibilities with elite coaching. Now available at Equinox at Gold Coast and The Loop locations in Chicago, Tier X represents the evolution of Equinox’s Tier 4 training program and reinvents “Personal Training” as “High Performance Lifestyle Management,” driving home the importance of a holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle. tier-x-jacob-sutton-for-equinox Tier X goes beyond the conventions of a typical training program. Equinox’s high-level coaches undergo 180 hours of advanced education in fitness science and personal training. They develop real strategies to accomplish your goals with custom fitness plans because no two bodies are the same. It is designed to unleash the potential in yourself that you didn’t know existed. Amanda Pezzullo, Personal Training Manager at Equinox Chicago told me anyone can benefit from this program because it is designed for your specific fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals. First you undergo a fitness evaluation and fill out a detailed questionnaire including your injuries, diet and personal goals. She has seen great success for many clients who make adjustments with exercise, sleep and diet when they stick to their program, which they reassess each month. Some of her clients travel so they can stay on track and train at the many Equinox fitness clubs all over the country. The “X” of “Tier X,” used as both a symbol and letter, evokes Equinox’s belief in infinite potential and limitless transformation, while conveying that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness—or life.  Designed by master coaches and backed by scientific research, every Tier X plan is personalized to balance a trainee’s movement, nutrition and regeneration needs with specific lifestyle goals. equinix-fitness-tier_x_shot_01-131_f1h-hpr Find out more about Tier X and the personal training programs at Equinox. For more information and a full lineup of classes, visit Equinox here and read QBlog. – Carol Calacci Photos: Equinox

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