Quick Change Your Winter Fashion Uniform

If you’re like me, you are most comfortable wearing a “uniform” every day because it is an easy way to get dressed, especially when you are in a hurry! Your outfits are pre-planned and you wear what works best for you and your lifestyle. My winter uniform consists of around 10 black sweaters and 10 pairs jeans and pants in varying shades of denim and black that I mix and match. Then I top them with one of several black wool coats I own, so everyone may think I am wearing the same thing every day! Belt-on-Black-V-neck-sweater I think it’s perfectly fine to have your own look (even if it is that of a priest) but sometimes you don’t want to look like you are always wearing your uniform. I stumbled upon a way to quick change my look; 1.) because I was chilly and needed a scarf, and 2.) because I have been forcing myself to wear belts as a constant reminder to stay away from eating too much comfort food during the winter months. Here’s how I styled the look. I pulled my MICHAEL Michael Kors Leopard/Logo Infinity scarf under my belt and over a v-neck sweater. The result was like getting a brand new sweater or a new belted jacket-with-trim! Leopard-Loop-Scarf-Under-Black-Coat Try this with a scarf you already own or now you have a good reason to buy one! If you are larger busted you may have to experiment with how you place the scarf or use a smaller thinner scarf. I recommend a loop or infinity scarf that is not too long and hits close to where your sweater ends so it will look more like a part of the sweater. My scarf is the perfect length and it looks like a new patterned sweater under my black coat. Where ever did my black on black uniform go? Here are some scarves, belts (and a few v-neck sweaters) to achieve the look!
– Carol Calacci Photos: Fountain Of 30

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