New TerraNova Fragrances For Spring 2016

I am super duper picky when it comes to the fragrances I wear. Like beyond. So when I am into a scent, I’m really into it. I adore perfume oils because they are alcohol-free, have real staying power and also a little goes a very long way. However, unlike the patchouli oil you may remember from your youth, fragrance oils have come a very long way. TerraNova has been making premium bath, body, and fragrance since 1970 and have just expanded their current Traditions Collection from four to eight scents. “Our Traditions Collection was the first line of perfumes created by my mother and founder, Jane Saunders, back in the seventies,” said Ann Saunders, President of TerraNova®.  “My mom designed these unique fragrances to reflect the free spirit, individuality, and authenticity of the individual wearing them.  We are excited to be able to carry on her exceptional ‘tradition’ of perfumery through the creation of these unique and exciting new fragrances!” I already love one of the original Traditions scents (China Rain) but now there are two new fragrances from the Spring 2016 I am loving just as much! They include: Lotus Blush – A feminine aroma of mandarin, pear, and freesia petals rounded out with lotus blossom, bamboo, and amber. Oceana – A fragrance inspired by the ocean consisting of marine moss, green leaves, jasmine, and spice. Both are very light and while one smells floral the other smells clean and crisp. Any time I wear any of the three pictured above, I receive compliments from bith men and women. For only $18 per bottle, why not try a few for yourself? They smell better than a lot of expensive perfumes I have tried and/or own and I promise you won’t smell like anyone else in the room…and that’s a good thing. Visit TerraNova to find your new favorite fragrance oil scent. – Lauren Dimet Waters Some samples received for review, but opinions are my own.  

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