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I can’t wait until Monday to see what Rich at FourFour has to say. I for one was totally shocked that Jeffrey
Sebelia won. Not that he didn’t deserve to, but that the judges picked him. Just when I had written off Project Runway after this season three of too much drama, predictability and not enough design insight….they sucked me back in. Brilliant!

According to, Jeffrey Sebelia’s game plan for winning Project Runway was simple: "I wanted people to be mad at me, like, ‘Who is this idiot?’ " says this season’s bad boy, who walked away with the top-designer title on Wednesday night’s finale of the hugely popular reality series. "Then I wanted to change their minds with the stuff that I made throughout the show."

Personally, I wasn’t seeing his talent at all. I thought most of what he designed on the show stunk, midway he had a moment of brilliancy, then he went into a fit of self-doubt and starting making clothes that he thought the judges wanted to see. It wasn’t until I saw his final collection moving down the runway (I had seen still shots right after the Bryant Park show) that I felt he really had talent. His collection was the most congruent and thought out.
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My heart wanted  Michael to win, but he just didn’t cut it. While Michael Kors spent most of the season praising Michael of thinking every detail out so thoroughly, it became clear in the last few challenges that they were giving Michael too much credit. Michael didn’t see that in himself and Heidi actually pegged it last night when she commented that his final collection came right out of the pictures in his portfolio from auditions. He had not grown at all. Mind you, he is young yet and needs a few more years to understand himself. When he does, it will be brilliant.
Pr_michael_knight_400_4 Still love him!

Uli, who I really thought the judges would pick…was predictable. She was Chloe from season two. While Heidi (after giving birth to three children) could wear everything in her collection, the belted strapless minidress number (with maximum peephole boob exposure) would be dreadful on most. Also, her color schematic was off.

Ah, Laura…miss high-society. I loved her collection but she didn’t stretch herself. Then again who can blame her…she is producing a hockey team. She will make a wonderful CEO of a formal wear line when her sons are in the NHL.
Project_runway3_400x300 Photo:
I liked this final group more than the final designers in the other two seasons. I think they each will be fabulously successful. I’m just sad it’s over. Yet, now I can’t wait for Season Four!

– Lauren Dimet

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