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Toronto’s Spring Fashion Week runs October 16-21. Growing up on the border to Canada and spending so much time in the fab city of Toronto, I have a curiosity about the fashion (besides Mackage) that is coming out of Canada. It isn’t easy to find much information but, SweetSpot not only reports on the shows (like in the states), they provide links to the designer’s websites should you be interested in purchasing Fall ’06 clothes immediately or ordering for Spring.

Designers to look out for: Marie Saint Pierre, David Dixon, Arthur Mendoca, Izzy Camilleri, Katya Revenko, Andy The-Ang and my favorite, Juma.

Daviddixon_1 Andy_the_anh_2

David Dixon                            Andy The-Ang


Arthur Mendoca

L’Oreal Fashion Week Toronto

– Lauren Dimet

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