Project Runway Season 8 Episode 8: A Rough Day on the Runway. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

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It’s happened. Episode 8 of Season 8 of Project Runway marks the show the producers have officially run out of good challenges. Or maybe the challenge definition just wasn’t clear enough for me or most of the designers remaining and that’s why the name of the episode was ‘A Rough Day on the Runway’? Were the designers supposed to create a look for a modern Jackie Kennedy or were they supposed to create an American sportswear look, or both? Whichever the challenge really was, I found it incredibly boring and I often found my mind wandering during the episode. All I can tell you is that Tim offered some sound advice to a few of the designers who looked as if they were having trouble, including Michael D. He was concerned about whether he made the right fabric choices while he was still in Mood as well as having the whole room wonder what he was doing making an unflattering dropped-waist ‘Annie Get Your Guns Out’ skirt. Then Andy, whose baggy cargo pant was riding up the butt in back also created the dreaded camel toe appearance in the front.

On the runway, which didn’t seem as rough as the title of the show would suggest, the designers who came out on top were Ivy, who made a complete turn-around from the previous week, had a number of design elements in her polished garments which included an asymmetrical top featuring a popped collar and a shear, fashion forward trench coat. Christopher’s dress was also a favorite, especially by guest judge, January Jones, and was also asymmetrical (a top that he has done on more than one occasion) but his outerwear piece looked more like a wet dishrag or wilted pelt, than an attractive fur shrug. Mondo, the clear winner, as Heidi called him this week, created a strong, classic, contemporary and bold look. The over-sized herringbone skirt and bold striped top, paired with a structured jacket was the winning look and showed that Mondo can create something that looks expensive and stay within his aesthetic.
In the bottom there was Andy who received the rudest commentary from the judges; his cargo pants and ill-fitting shirt along with the hideous vest created a look that was horribly styled and even more poorly fitted, which had Heidi admit that she felt like laughing out loud and that maybe she was in another world. But his outfit, at least from the judges point of view was still surprising, which is a good thing and something they could not say about Valarie, whose garment was boring and drab. Her use of color and the shoddy workmanship was very unexciting and worthy of being sent home. But Michael D’s getup was the worst of them all, with a skirt that was too short and not at all flattering. He was sent packing, but not before Tim gave him a tearful goodbye. But seriously, how in the world did Andy not get the boot from that ghastly getup?!
Mondo, "You are the winner!"

Christopher's Design


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Ivy's Design

Valerie's Design

Andy's Design

Michael D. — "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:
"If opaque was a color it would be called Ivy." —Michael C.
"You are right, Jackie O. would not wear goth." —Gretchen

"I'm the old fart, I admit it. But I think it's vulgar." —Tim

"I can't believe that you found over-sized herringbone in Mondo." —Tim

"So it's like a very beautifully draped cargo pant. It's you." —Tim

"If you took Jackie Kennedy to the desert and gave her some mescaline to eat, then you would have Jackie Kennedy in Mondo." —Michael D.

"It was saggy saddle bags." —April

"She's more like Jackie Yo, than Jackie O." —April

"I'm following my butt, not my gut." —April

"Why do I feel like Harry Potter in this coat." —Mondo

"Jackie Kennedy would not have camel toe." —Tim

"It looks like a dirty old rug." —Heidi

"This is a schizophrenic Jackie Kennedy." —Michael Kors

"If someone said the inspiration was MC Hammer meets the Beverly Hillbilly's grandmother, that's what it looks like." —Michael Kors

"Why is she wearing, like, Nicole Kidman boots from Cold Mountain?" —Michael Kors

"Her shoulder toilet seat cover." —Michael Kors

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—Bonnie J Brown

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