Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY Spring '11. Argentina Group Show – The Future of Fashion

Summary: Six chosen designers had the opportunity to show there's more to Argentina than what meets the stereotypical eye. Many different looks from different walks of life prove just that no two designers are ever the same. These are just a few of the looks that were shown at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011. 

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La Dolfina takes the polo element to a whole new level with leather and cotton separates. Created by Adolfo Cambiaso, one of the most popular international polo players, La Dofina is characterized by simple and basic clothing for everyday and weekend wear.


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Laura Valenzuela characterizes her design to have a aristocratic and feminine feel. Though her interest is in recycling clothing, mixing textures and using antiques appliques defines her trademark.



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Simplicity is the main goal of Evangelina Bomparola's collection. Classical structures that are timeless with the luxury of lush fabrics make these pieces "covet-worthy". 


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Refined urban collections which have been influenced by the artisan and native traditions of North Argentina are the main aesthetic of Marcelo Senra's collection. The combination of satin and gauze with the mix of raffia and leather bring the collection to full circle of easy yet sex appeal.

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With just one look at designer Maria Pryor's fiery red hair, one can easily see that she has a flair for the dramatic. Her vivid fantasy is reflected in her combination of romanticism with a dash of fairy tale and mystery who could easily be named the "warrior princess". 



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Pablo Ramirez's style is known for elegance and austerity. In showing a line consisting of sculptural puff-sleeve blouses, structured apron dresses and linen pants paired with Amish-like silhouettes, drama can be seen coming a mile away.

– Taneisha Jordan


Photos: WWD


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