Project Runway Season 7 Episode 7: Design a Look Using Materials From A Hardware Store. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Hello, Project Runway, I missed you! Thank goodness you’re back and with only ten designers left the competition is really heating up. So after a week’s break (at least for us) what does Project Runway throw at its designers? -  None other than a trip to the hardware store. Yes, this was the week the designers were introduced to a challenge from Michael Kors himself. Michael’s challenges often revolve around inspiration and this season is no different. The designers were instructed to create a look by thinking outside the box or in a completely unconventional way. In addition to a complete look, the designers were to make an accessory to go along with the garment and with that said, they were shipped off to Scheman & Grant hardware store. Instead of fabric, the designers were dashing through aisles picking up sandpaper, garbage bags, sheets of metal, and rope, among other unusual fashion materials.


There is no other way to describe the workroom this week besides saying that it was complete chaos. Even the designers who were excited about the challenge had to come up with ways to keep their garments together, as using a sewing machine on copper flashing didn’t seem to work. But, Emilio was the only designer who seemed to be constantly complaining. While he was one of my favorites early on in the competition and I still really want to like him, his constant complaints and criticisms of other designers is starting to wear thin, especially since he is not stepping up to the challenges.

As the designs came down the runway I had the distinct feeling of watching a fashion show of possible costumes for a futuristic, sci-fi movie. The top three designs this week were, thankfully, the least sci-fi. The top three designers were also ones who seem to be making a habit of being the judge’s favorites as well. Mila, surprise, surprise, had another black and white color-blocked, mod dress that impressed the judges, especially since she used such tough materials to work with. Maya, created a complete look and, by far, had the best accessory, which was a chunky necklace made from keys. But it was Jay, who is really starting to gain confidence as a designer, who won this week’s challenge. He was able to make trash bags luxurious; bravo, Jay!  On the reverse end, it was Anthony, who “went to the hardware store and got conservative” as guest judge, Isabel Toledo, commented on his boring mini dress and guest judge Stephen Webster thought it was from the "software store." Emilio, who sent his model down the runway in a makeshift bikini that was thrown together moments before the runway show (I’ve not seen so many naked bottoms since the original NYPD Blue came out!), was in the bottom as well, but since he stuck with his blonde, Vegas showgirl look to the end the judges let him stay on one more week. And that means it’s so-long for Jesse, whose garment was described as, costumey, a ballerina, a dirty vacuum bag, the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, and tortured. Sorry Jesse, but that means you’re out!

Jay's Winning Design


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Mila's Design

Maya's Design

Anthony's Design


Emilio's Design

"Jesse,You're out!"

Memorable Quotes:

You kinda want someone to crash and burn so you can say "Alrighty, I'm OK cause he's screwed!" Jesse

I’m going to try and make garbage bags feel like leather material; I’m not sure how I’m going to make that happen.
Who doesn’t know what they’re doing? Me! Jonathan

I don't have enough cord and I don't have enough washers…I may not have a full dress. Emilio
What the hell is he making? He's making a stripper costume! Jay on Emilio's design

You've got a macrame thing going on…
Seth Aaron to Emilio

This is fashion, honey…and stripper clothes. Emilio
My hands look like they’ve been attacked by a feral animal. Ben
These materials are really starting to control me. Anthony

Elizabethan mini? Tim Gunn to Jesse
This is looking sooo, school project, school play, not even high school or college, elementary school.  Tim on Jesse’s design/costume
I knew by the color it was you. Tim commenting on Anthony’s dress
This looks tortured. It is not pretty. Tim Gunn on Anthony’s design
If there w ere ever a make it work moment, it would be this challenge. Tim Gunn
My design concept is Verionica Lake meets C-3PO. Jonathan
I’m going to have leave New York. Emilio
This is a runway first, everyone is in the bottom ten. Emilio
Screw sewing, use tape.  Jesse

I just started going 'tape-happy'.  Jesse
Emilio’s garment, not only is it naked, I don’t think it’s done in best of taste. Anthony

All of these garments look tortured! Anthony
I want it to be real fashion, not an arts and crafts project. Maya

I don't want any cuts and scrapes. The last thing I want to do is physically harm my model. Johnathan
If I was going to jump off the cliff, I went full throttle.
Why did you choose not to do any clothing? Nina on Emilio’s bikini
The simple truth is she looks really cheesy, this is a cheese fest. Michael Kors on Emilio’s bikini
Honestly it looks like kind of a bad prom dress.
Michael Kors on Anthony’s design
I think you went to the software store and not to the hardware store. Judge Stephen Webster Anthony’s dress

It feels a little bit like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.
Nina Garcia on Jesse's design
And then all of a sudden she’s dressed up as a Hersey Kiss. Michael Kors on Jesse's design
Yeah, it looks like a dirty vacuum bag. Heidi on Jesse’s design

Hershey Kiss. Tin Man. Dirty vacuum bag. These are fabulous fashion references! Michael Kors on Jesse's design
In a million years I didn’t think these were biased cut trash bags. Michael Kors on Jay’s pants

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— Bonnie J Brown

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