WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

Lady Victoria Hervey at the Pre-Oscar Domino Gala Benefit in Hollywood

Comment: The Oscar clock was ticking this week meant a ton of pre-party bashes and receptions. Unfortunately, it also meant more opportunities for fashion foibles.
Such as this pastel nightmare of a dress, which would seem more at home on an episode of "Toddlers and Tiaras" than it would an Oscar event.

She's Thinking: I hope they don't ask us to do a talent.


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Rihanna at the Echo Awards 2010 in Berlin

Comment: Ah, is there ever an awards week that Rihanna doesn't show up on our list? That's why we love her as much as we do. This getup is no exception as she looks like she's about to take flight at any moment with those giant, wing-like sleeves. Between the volume of the sleeves with the skintight fit of the unitard pantsuit, all she needs is a mask and she could pass as the devious villain in Stan Lee's next big blockbuster.

She's Thinking: Curses! Foiled again!

Grace Jones (left) at the Victor & Rolf anniversary party in Paris

Comment: speaking of masks and super heroes, Grace Jones gives Rihanna a run for her money with this costume, er, outfit. Yes it's for a fashion event, yes its in Paris, but yes we're still allowed to judge. But since Jones' eccentricities make her the original muse of today's Lady GaGa-like fashion, we'll only give her a gentle slap on the wrist. Even if she does look like an overly enthusiastic fan of a certain masked vigilante.

She's Thinking: Has anyone seen Christian Bale?

Radha Mitchell at the Hollywood Reporter Reception for the Oscars Nominees in L.A.

Comment:  Radha Mitchell has used this awards season to gain well-earned acclaim and make her name more of a household one. At least, that's what she should be doing. That's not what it seems like when she shows up at an Oscar Nominee reception with a dress so blah and bland that it makes her literally fade into the  backdrop. She needs punchy colors and glam accents to stand out in this crowd! A few more ensembles like this and no one will remember her as anything but the Invisible Woman.

She's Thinking: I wouldn't remember me either.

CC Pounder at a Vanity Fair party in Beverly Hills

Comment: As usual, we have the other end of the spectrum to consider as well. Mitchell's watered down disappearing act of a dress is at least not an assault on the eyes like Pounder's ill-matched ensemble. Color! Texture! Sparkles! Oh my! The guideline to fix this look is simple: just don't do it.

She's Thinking: At least everyone will remember me and my outfit!

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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