Project Runway Review: Season 14, Episode 10 – Crew’s All In

Tim-Gunn-Workroom-pr14-ep10-episode-9If you are a fan of Project Runway (so are we) and we’re hooked this season! The show is winding down to only 6 designers, Tim Gunn gets madder than we’ve seen him (ever!) and some of the best designers are buckling under the pressure. The challenge is to create a look for a female Project Runway crew member and have her made-over (with the help of Sally Beauty) for their runway debut. Read Lauren’s review on Second City Style along with list of the most memorable quotes from Season 14 Episode 10. Tim Gunn actually gets bleeped! Need to catch up this season? No worries! Read all our Project Runway Season 14, Episode 10 Reviews here! – Carol Calacci Photo: Lifetime  

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