Paris Couture Fall '09. Christian Dior: Underpinnings Galore!

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Ah, John Galliano can always be counted on for a good show, that much is certain. Good thing we don't expect couture to be practical, because it isn't. His 40's inspired over-the-top lingerie as outerwear collection for the House of Christian Dior is sure to be a hit with Madonna. The colors, textures, structure, tailoring, corsets and wedding cake ball skirts were at times breathtaking.

 “In this economic climate, I want to focus on the established codes of Dior: the Bar jacket, the panther, the lily of the valley,” Galliano told WWD of his approach for Christian Dior this fall.

“It all begins with the corset,” Galliano said. He thus sent out models wearing dresses worked in various transparencies, or seemingly caught in states of undress — jacket sans skirt, enormous ball skirt sans bodice. It was, he quipped, as if the girls weren’t ready, and someone said, “Just go!”

The show was therefore a profusion of undies…corsets, garters, girdles, tap shorts and of course…bras inspired by the iconic photos of the late Christian Dior himself. With colors like fuchsia, yellow, purple, orange the show of underpinnings was the prefect tribute.

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: WWD

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