New York Fashion Week Fall '10. Ladylike Layers Get Funky at Thuy.

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Summary: Thuy Diep noted that for this season, she had set out to create "vibrant, layered textures" with the pieces in her fall '10 collection. Judging by the carefully crafted runway show, she couldn't have achieved her goal more. Thuy was arguably one of the most innovatively styled shows of Fashion Week, a delightful cacophony of color, print, and texture. The tone seemed to convey a sort of updated version of a traditional ladylike wardrobe. As if, a debutante had gotten so sick of the conservative nature of her clothing, she took the luxe pieces and ripped, cut, and distressed them to a befit her more modern style.


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And what a style—Diep skillfully mastered the color wheel by layering playful combinations that popped against the stark white runway. Neutral plaids covered neon-colored dresses that peeked out at the hem; varying prints, from floral to paisley, tumbled over one another creating a sense of depth and dimension; and the chic, fur sleeves paired with blouses, tops, and coats added a rich sense of refinement to the bright, eclectic ensembles.  And the best part, for the girl who lives for a little sparkle in her life, was the Swarovski crystal accents (which tragically, do not show up in the photos at all). The rainbow colored gems glittered from the heart of the paisley prints, the center of the graphic squares, and across the shoulders of the blouses. The effect was simply stunning: young, fresh, and opulent all at the same time. And despite the heavy layering—in some cases, there was more than one skirt or top over another—coupled with the embellishments, the garments never looked fussy or stiff. In fact, each ensemble flowed seamlessly as its own, uninterrupted statement.

Color Palette: black, crimson, plum, gray, hot pink, navy, slate blue, silver, gold, white, citrus, beige, maroon, rose, bronze, rust, chocolate, electric yellow, bright red, camel, metallics

Fabrics and Textures: silk, fur, leather, velvet, chiffon, knit, cotton, denim, jacquard, satin, charmeuse, crystals

Key Looks: Fur sleeves, strapless minidress with paisley crystal print, gold jacquard pencil skirt, citrus blouse with crystal shoulder accents, red and navy flutter sleeve dress, graphic print electric yellow sheath, bright red belted trench coat, fur and silk vest with crystal accents

-Alia Rajput

Photos: NY Mag

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