New Classes At Equinox: Best Abs Ever & Summer Boot Camp

Best-Abs-Ever1 What are you waiting for? Do you want a super-toned tummy or well defined six-pack abs? Then get over to Equinox and try their new conditioning class Best Abs Ever! I understand the idea of 30 minutes of intense, ab-blasting exercises may sound hard to stomach (sorry I could not resist the pun) but I can tell you since I tried it, you can do it! Now I admit, I actually like abdominal exercises, but 30 minutes still sounded a bit scary. I was pleased the class wasn’t just 3000 sit ups in a row. Instead the class is a combination of stretching, yoga, planks, Pilates and concentrated twisting moves with small 5 lb. weights (you can drop them if the weights are too much). Because of the ever-changing cycle of exercises, you never have time to dislike one too much and the class is over before you know it!
Michael Wollpert demos the one arm plank.
I took Best Abs Ever with Michael Wollpert at Equinox Lincoln Park. He explained and demonstrated every move, made us laugh (double ab work!) and took time to answer our individual questions after class. This class is a great supplement to add to your regular cardio or training classes. The class boosts your metabolism and builds abdominal muscles which will enhance total-body performance. The class is available at all four Equinox Chicago locations: Lincoln Park, Loop, Gold Coast and Highland Park. Miss Your Days at Camp? There’s still time to sign up for Session 2 of  the bootcamp series called Summer Camp by Equinox at the Lincoln Park location. Here’s the best part…you do not need to be a member to participate! Start your mornings with outdoor group workouts that perfectly blend fun with fitness. Renowned instructors will lead you, the group will inspire you, and innovative exercises will transform you. Register here! Session 2: August 2nd – 25th Pricing: $99 for Equinox members, and $299 for non members – includes membership at Equinox Lincoln Park for the duration of session. equinox-summer-camp- For more information and a full lineup of classes, visit Equinox here and read QBlog. Read our review on Best Butt Ever on – Carol Calacci Photos: Courtesy of Equinox and Second City Style

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