A Little Mustard on the Side

Not since the late 80’s have I seen so much mustard. You may have noticed the brownish-yellow shade everywhere in fashion these days. Now personally, I prefer it on hotdogs but not on my body. Yet, it’s a hot color this season. I used to wear a lot of mustard yellow in my late teens but over the years I learned (or noticed) mustard does not look very good on me…at least with my coloring and skintone. So I will be sitting the mustard fashion trend out this go around. But that doesn’t mean you should too. If the color looks goo on you I say rock it! And if it doesn’t (like on me) save it for your shoes or bag.

Pantone color 1245c (mustard) was named one of the hot colors for fall and our favorite designers and retailers have taken note. Now this isn’t your bright yellow Heinz mustard you put on your hot dog at ballgame but more a Goulden’s spicy brown mustard. Just to clarify.

HOW to wear mustard

Mustard is a new neutral so it goes with just about everything. That means you can wear it with more than just black. Try it with navy, denim blue, grey (light and charcoal), brown and even a lighter shade of yellow. It even works with silver. And of course there is always white and ivory.


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