The Most Comfortable Sandals and Slides for Women Over 40 Under $50

I have been a shoe addict as long as I can remember. From my first pair of blue Stride Rites in first grade to the sky high platforms and stilettos I wore in my 20s and 30s, I could (and would) wear any shoe in just about any style. I stayed pretty true to my style and was a statement shoe wearer even in my early 40s. But now, I just can’t do it anymore! I heard women say this time and time again, but I never thought I would agree (and come down off my 4” heels) but I can’t wear high heel shoes. So recently I’ve joined the comfort shoe brigade. However, I refuse to look like I’m wearing old lady shoes! The good news is there are many shoe options available for summer. You can have the most comfortable sandals and slides as well as great style.

Now I Need Comfortable Shoes

Everyone has their own individual footwear issue, and I think my problems are fairly universal for women over 40. I have bunions (one foot is worse) and I don’t like to wear heels that are too high because that hurts my back or too pointy because they hurt my toes. My feet swell, so I need to work around that issue too by making sure there is extra room in my shoes. So you can imagine, strappy sandals are not too pretty on me…at all.

The Most Comfortable Sandals and Slides

As we age, we all want more comfortable shoes. When I am asked for advice and discuss this topic with other women, I know I am not alone. Here are my suggestions for comfortable summer shoes that (selfishly) work for me, and I’m pretty sure they will be good solutions for you, too!


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Shopping Tips For Comfortable Shoes

1. Look for flats, wedge heels or flatform sandals and slides because they are the most comfortable shoes. I know that’s pretty obvious but the lower the pitch, the less your feet will suffer. If you want to give the illusion of more height, lightweight or cork sole wedges are an option. Avoid heavy wooden wedges because they can be uncomfortable when you walk. You don’t want to hear kerplunk kerplunk.

2. Avoid strappy sandals. Instead look for one large band across the top or a large crisscross which will give your foot more support when you walk.

3. If you’re feet are not pretty, avoid thong style sandals, except for the beach. Yes, they can be very comfortable but flip flops are not stylish.

4. Embrace the closed-toe mule. These shoes give you a lot of style and support and still keep your feet covered up and well supported.

5. Wearing comfortable shoes does not mean you can’t be stylish. Many of the flats and slides I found are styles taken right from the runways. And most 20 year old women would wear them too! If your daughter wants to borrow them, then you know the shoes are fashion forward!

6. Go up a half size or even a full size when you buy shoes or sandals to get the comfort you need. The shoe will not look that much bigger! This is important if your feet tend to swell, especially in summer.

So I started out looking for comfortable sandals and slides for under $100, and then I found so many pairs for under $50 I decided to change it to comfortable shoes for under $50. Isn’t this exciting? There are a lot of sales happening right now and many summer sandals and slides are always well priced. Maybe now you can get two pairs!

Here are my selections of the most comfortable (and stylish) sandals and slides for women over 40 for under $50.

Shop Comfortable Sandals and Slides for Under $50


Carol Calacci

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