Sun’s Out! Get The Best Sunglasses for Less

It’s always been my motto that you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses! They are the perfect accessory because they’re both stylish and practical. After all, they protect your eyes from the sun! I have always enjoyed collecting sunnies in different styles to wear with different outfits and to match your different moods, and I’ve pulled different styles to shop that won’t blow your budget. Here are some of the best sunglasses for less.

Best Sunglasses for Less

I have better quality sunglasses from Marc Jacobs and many pairs of obscure, limited edition Ray-Bans. But sometimes it’s nice to have a few pairs that are less expensive in your collection in case you lose them or accidentally scratch them. I’ve had some for upwards of 12 years, but none are scratch free. It’s difficult to keep them perfect! I’ve noticed that more and more sunglasses are available at an affordable price point and don’t look as cheaply made as they have in the past. A couple pairs of inexpensive sunglasses have even lasted me multiple seasons, so I could really keep the cost per wear down!

bold Sunglasses red
Topshop Persuasive Sunglasses by Quay, $55

Bold Shades

For fun, bright colored sunnies, this red pair from Quay, available at Topshop, makes a statement. They remind you that you can let the sunglasses do the talking, especially when you’re hiding tired eyes in the morning. How amazing would these look with a black dress and red lipstick?!


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Sun Protection square shades fountainof30
Free People Holiday In The Sun Square Sunglasses, $25

Square Sunglasses for Sun Protection

If you’re the kind of person who likes a lot of coverage from the sun, larger sunglasses with a thicker arm are the way to go. These sunnies from Free People are square shaped and offer a little more protection. They’re available in four colors – blush, black, rust and tortoise. So there’s a color that’s bound to work best with your skin tone and style.

Ray-Ban Round Sunglasses fountainof30
Ray-Ban Highstreet 49mm Round Sunglasses, now $104.90

60’s Inspired Styles

For a nostalgic, hippie inspired pair of sunnies, this round pair from Ray-Ban will give you chic 60’s vibes that will freshen up any outfit. These sunglasses would look great with anything from jeans and a casual tee to a more conservative sundress- if you’re into round sunglasses and they work well with your face shape, these truly match with everything.

metal accents Sunglasses fountainof30
Urban Outfitters Sydney Double Brow Bar Round Sunglasses, $20

Sunglasses with Metal Accents

I always love a pair of shades with unexpected, unique details, and I really like the metal accents featured on these sunglasses from Urban Outfitters. I have a pair similar to these and this style is flattering and looks really cool. It can work well with your jewelry, especially if you wear lots of statement gold earrings and dainty necklaces. The sunglasses act like an extension of your gold jewelry and make your outfit really stand out. This particular pair comes in black with gold lenses, tortoise with blue lenses and white with blush lenses.

Cat-Eye Sunglasses fountainof30
Anthropologie Le Specs Eureka Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $59

Cat Eye Sunglasses

By now you’ve probably noticed smaller sunglasses have been trending. I definitely wore sunnies like this in middle school, however these new pairs are updated to be a little more age appropriate. This sophisticated pair from Anthropologie has a retro cat eye shape and would be an eye catching addition to any outfit. If these work with your face shape, they are a fun option. I like that these are plain black and not a crazy neon color. In my opinion, sometimes it’s better to pick one trend at a time.

Finding Frames For Your Face Shape

It’s best to try sunglasses on before you buy them, or at least to know which ones will work best with your face shape. To find out, you can trace the shape of your face on a mirror and then see what shape you drew. Typically cat eye sunglasses, like the pair from Anthroplogie, work well on oval shaped faces; square sunglasses, like the pair from Free People, work well with round faces; circular sunglasses, like the Ray-Bans, look great on square shaped faces, and heart shaped faces work well with sunnies like the pairs from Quay or Urban Outfitters. It all has to do with juxtaposing the different shapes together!

Shop The Best Sunglasses for Less


– Claire Mykrantz

Feature Image: Free People Holiday In The Sun Square Sunglasses

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