Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall ’13 : Noon By Noor's Transient Royalty

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Summary: I have to admit I really didn’t know much about Noon by Noor before seeing the show, but I trust People’s Revolution (their PR firm) to expose me to cool designers (and great show music). This was the second time designers Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa of Bahrain showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
The Fall ’13 collection was inspired by a small island kingdom in the Arabian Gulf. The natural flora and fauna of the designers’ homeland and a woman’s desire to travel were married into beautifully patterned voluminous skirts and slim pants. The ultra-feminine collection included cropped wide-leg pants, slim pantsuits (some of my favorites) and sexy, but very wearable dresses. The looks that worked the best were when masculine (bomber jackets) were mixed with feminine (printed pants). I also found them highly adept at mixing prints.  I loved the color palette of burgundy, dark green, navy, purple and of course black. The burgundy tights paired with almost every dress were striking and made me want to run and buy a pair to update my dark color palette right now. My favorite look however, was the closer…a brilliant red double silk backless gown with a beautifully sculptured skirt.
Colors: cream, burgundy, red, purple, green, navy, grey, black
Fabrics & Textures: silk, double silk, angora, chiffon, wool, alpaca wool, cashmere, velvet,  calfskin, embroidered bees, poppy print, check silk, hudhud print, embroidery.
Key Looks: Burgundy wool & calfskin trim bomber jacket  with a burgundy cashmere knit polo neck with embellishments with grey huhhud print pants; green check silk bow dress with burgundy check sleeves; navy velvet & chiffon tuxedo evening gown; red double silk backless gown with sculptured skirt.
– Lauren Dimet Waters
Photos: MBFashionWeek

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