Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 3: Surprise Me. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode

Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 3HeidiKum_Tim_Gunn
Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn
Heidi has a new feminine fragrance called Surprise with notes of pink pepper, mandarin and jasmine. She needs something to wear for the ad campaign and that’s where the designers come in! The winning looks from this challenge will be worn in the television commercial and to the press event for the fragrance launch. This challenge is important for the contestants because the winning look will be on television and on the red carpet! Each team will make options for Heidi’s television commercial and PR event. Two winning looks will be chosen after the runway show. Oh, and the designers will have just one day for this challenge! Each designer is given a box with Heidi’s inspiration inside including her fragrance, story board and a book full of photos from the campaign’s photographer. The colors of the perfume packaging are pink, black and gold and the looks should match that color scheme. The guest judge this week is the always lovely Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte on Sex and the City.
Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 3_9
Judges Kristin Davis, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum
Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 3_5
Team Keeping It Real
Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 3_6
The Dream Team
Team Keeping It Real is the winning team yet again for the third week in a row! Matt, Cindy and Benjamin have the lowest scores, while Patricia, Kate, Layana and Daniel all had the highest scores. Patricia was applauded for her dress with intricate, handmade leather squares. Layana and Kate were also praised for their flowing, black corset dress and had an emotional, teary moment on the runway. Finally, Daniel was congratulated for his white Bond girl dress. Kate is declared a winner of the challenge! Heidi will wear her dress in her fragrance campaign. Daniel is also a winner and Heidi will wear his design at the launch of Surprise. Layana, Kate, and Daniel, all overwhelmed with emotion, were crying after hearing their praise. Aww. Now for the tense part of the show, it was time to send a designer home. Matt is declared in, leaving Benjamin and Cindy in the bottom two. Sadly, Cindy is sent packing. It seems as if the judges considered Benjamin’s past strong designs to help him squeak by.
Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 3_kate_layana
Kate and Layana’s Design. “Kate, you are the winner of this challenge!”
Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 3_Daniel
“Daniel, you are also the winner of this challenge.”
Project Runway, Season 11 Episode 3_Cindy
“Cindy, you are out!”
Memorable Quotes: “Whaaaat? What the?? Whaaaaaat??” –Daniel “Here’s the thing though, I’m a little picky…” –Heidi “I like it sexy, but I don’t like it slutty either.” –Heidi “I thought Bond girl!” –Daniel “Are you feeling disabled by this challenge?” –Tim “I sense from you a real despair!” –Tim “That’s like Madonna in Material Girl. Not a good reference.” –Benjamin “It will come back to bite me in the ass!” –Matt “You’re one step away from Heidi becoming a server?” –Richard “Make a gown for the best dressed list, not What Not to Wear.” –Richard “If it’s on What Not to Wear, that’s like a proud moment for me!” –Joseph “All I heard was bondage, but I don’t want it to look hoe!”- Matt “Why don’t you go for an all-out fashion S&M? But not through a sexually deviant lens.”-Tim “If you put too much it’ll look like Dancing with the Stars.” “Hey watch it!” –Layana & Richard “Eff this, now tomorrow is going to be hell.” –Samantha “Richard’s model kind of looks like she took a s*** of ruffles! Not cool.” –Matt “Benjamin may or may not have cut the circulation off to his model’s breasts.” –Matt “I’m gagging inside… and not in a good way! It looks like an exotic chicken.” –Richard “This is like where is my whip?” –Heidi “Ohh I would die if someone asked me to wear that! No offense!” –Kristin “Mushy boobs or sad, droopy boobs!” –Heidi “This is probably the worst construction I’ve seen. She looks like she’s rolled around on the ground. She looks like she’s been shipwrecked.” –Nina “Mayday, mayday! We have a problem.” –Heidi “There was a ruffle fart.” –Zac “It was a train wreck!” “A horror show!” –Heidi & Nina Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! –Claire Mykrantz Photos: Lifetime

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