Liz Claiborne Moves to JC Penny, Isaac Mizrahi Moves to QVC, and John Bartlett Moves on

Liz Claiborne Closing

Will the recession's impact on the fashion industry ever end? In a shocking move, Liz Claiborne has announced they will no longer sell at Macy's and Dillards. The classic American sportswear designer is going to be sold exclusively at JC Penny. This is largely seen as a coup for the retailer, which has been trying to spice up its designer lines, and as a reaction to the recession by the design label. JC Penny has bought a 10 year licensing deal that will allow them to buy the brand name after only five years. Liz Claiborne is set to design the upcoming lines and JC Penny will produce and sell them. The move also means that Isaac Mizrahi's Liz Claiborne New York line will be sold only on QVC and that John Bartlett for Liz Claiborne, the menswear line, will no longer be in production. Vice-President of Public Relations for Liz Claiborne had this to say regarding the end of collaboration with John Bartlett to "Inability to get the traction with this brand relaunch is not a reflection of the design vision or even a reaction to the product. It is more a reflection of the state of the men's apparel business in general." 

-Nina Krek


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Story Source:, WWD

Photo Source: WWD

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