Project Runway Season 6 Episode 8: The Wedding Gown, After The Divorce. Memorable Quotes from Last Night's Episode.


Here we are back on the runway. Heidi delivers the challenge and new models. And they are brides. A recycled bridal challenge? Lifetime, is this all you got? Lame. Ahh, but it's divorcees who want a new chapter on life! Opinionated women who want to maul their wedding gowns? This could be tricky. But bravo for these ladies that they can all fit in their gowns still.

In any event, here's what I was thinking about our contestants as the show progressed.


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Irina's wins are turning into a reign of terror.

Aww. Gordana. Her emotions got triggered.

I love Carol Hannah's and Logan's blossoming friendship. Carol Hannah is always applying eyeliner.

Shirin's breakdown and tears aren't annoying. Actually, her dealing with it makes her more likeable. 

Well, after much dying of and lamenting about fabric, it's time to get judged. Michael Kors is back, with Zanna Roberts and Tamara Mellon, president of Jimmy Choo and a member of the board of directors of Halston. And finally we got some snark! In the top three were Gordana, Irina and surprisingly, Shirin who struggled with her model's Cher-style aspirations. In the bottom, Logan with tragic pants, Christopher with a tin foil cocktail dress, and Epperson with just a fail of a gown.

Now, the judges are loving on Irina's and Shirin's dresses? They're alright, but certainly not better than Carol Hannah's or even Epperson's. The color of Irina's was totally mother-of-the-bride, and Shirin's dress didn't look like a great fit to me. Yikes. But there's no arguing with the experts!

And who came out on top? Well, obviously, Gordana. Her slate gray strapless dress made her client happy and looked great. And who was headed home? Epperson. Although I thought it was pretty clear it should have been Logan. Good looks get you far, I guess! We won't exactly be sorry to see Logan's pretty face stick around!

Gordana – The winner!





Epperson – "You're out!"

This week's memorable quotes!

And I'm sending in your divorcees right now! – Tim Gunn

I don't want to make a Cher costume! – Shirin

I mean this looks very "lab-coaty" to me. – Tim

Well, you have a very effervescent divorcee. You have Charlie, don't you? She's not shy and retiring! – Tim

I want to have your baby! Not really, that's just a saying. – Divorcee to Nicholas

If you're an actress, you want to get noticed but you don't want to be on the worst dressed list. – Tamara

Do not go to an industry party in this. – Kors

It's like a metallic hefty bag, just cinched. – Kors

I have space bubble dress down. – Zanna Roberts

So you did not specifically ask for Oktoberfest? – Heidi

Heidi went with Oktoberfest, I'm going with pirate's wench. This looks like something I would pull out of my daughter's dressing up box. – Tamara. Really? I thought kimono, actually.

Where are the beer steins? – Kors

Women should not look like they're going to a themed party. – Tamara

Let's be honest, would that trouser be in any woman's closet? – Kors

It was a crunch overload. – Kors

Logan, you accomplished the rare feat of leaving me completely speechless. – Heidi

Gotta love it. Until next week!

– Hayley Wells

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