Holiday 2023 Gift Guide: What To Give The New Mom In Your Life

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about gift-giving and taking a look at the list of special people in our lives that we will be shopping for gifts. For me, I always have a list of recipients that are not easy to shop for. It never fails that my list contains a select few who seemingly have everything. This year, however, I’ve noticed I have a lot of new mothers on my list, and being a new mom myself, I thought this would be a great opportunity show some gifting options. Whether you’re a new mom yourself, have a friend, daughter or relative who is a new mom, or seriously just love a nice comfy sweater, here is a selection of items to help with your gift list! Here’ are some of the best holiday gifts for new moms.

Holiday Gifts for New Moms

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Cozy Sweaters for New Moms

I’m always on the lookout for the softest, most comfortable sweater I can find. After having children and especially after my most recent child, I practically live in them. I found two options that I would buy over and over again and would be a beautiful gift for a new mother. This oversized easy cardigan can pair well with some leggings or lounge pants for those early postpartum days and then can be upcycled to your regular wardrobe rotation once out of the newborn haze.

I also found this sherpa wearable throw, which looks so warm and cozy, anyone can practically live in it during the cold weather months. I also love this one for (and as) a nursing mom, because the oversize shape and fit can serve as a discreet cover for feeding baby.

Pants And Sets

I can’t speak for everyone, but wearing hard pants post-pandemic is not my vibe. Post partum or not, I love good lounge pants and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. So, that’s why I love these CashSoft lounge pants from The Gap. They come in so many colors and are soft like cashmere without the price tag. Gifting a couple pairs of these to the new mom in your life will be sure to put a smile on her face.

I also made it a point to stock up on a some matching sets when I had my son a few years ago and once I invested in a few, I never looked back. A matching set allows for any thought to be taken out of the getting ready process. Therefore, offering up a matching set to a new mom provides her with a sense of relief in what to wear to look halfway put together. I love the color options of this set from Amazon. These are so cute for anyone, not just moms. I’ll probably add a few to my shopping list for others as well.

Shoes And Accessories

I’m not here to get too fancy, so a tried-and-true gift that anyone can enjoy has always been a nice pair of slippers. If you have a new mom in your life, a wonderful way to pamper her is to keep her warm and cozy. Think of those late nights up with baby and slipping her feet into these fleece slipper booties. I’ve always been a sucker for fleece slippers and anyone I know would love to get their feet in a pair like this.

I also like to think about giving a pair to wear for when it’s time to venture out; be it a quick errand or a walk around the block with baby. These faux fur lined mules are the perfect pair to easily slip in and out of, whether your toting your bundle of joy or a bundle of groceries.

Finally, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a beautiful scarf, so regardless of mommy status, this Topshop blanket scarf would make a perfect gift. I love the soft feminine color and the oversized fit allows you to just sink into it. Also, this is another one that I love for nursing moms, as the oversized nature allows her to use it as a cover when nursing the baby.

Expert Tips for Shopping for New Moms

  1. The key to shopping for a new mom is to think cozy. New moms are running on pure adrenaline and it’s very easy to take care of themselves last. Comfort is so important to help them feel good in their own postpartum skin. It’s not unlikely that they can stay in the same clothes for a couple of days at a time (not intentionally, but life gets in the way). So, feeling comfortable and cozy can make a world of difference putting them at ease.
  2. But don’t forget style and quality are still important. Let’s remember that comfortable and cozy could be your old pajama pants from college, but we want the new moms in our lives to feel special with some luxe quality. There are plenty of beautiful options made of quality fabrics that don’t break the bank. So, snag a few pieces on your next gift shopping trip.
  3. Just a final note on shopping for new moms; make sure everything is washable! I won’t go into details, but a lot can get onto mom clothes. So, make sure anything you get them can sustain a quick wash, multiple times over, and you’ll be good to go.

Shop Gifts for New Moms

Pictured above from left to right:

BP. Women’s Oversize Easy Cardigan, $59

L.L.Bean Cozy Sherpa Wearable Throw, $69

Gap CashSoft Wide-Leg Sweater Pants, $35.99

ANRABESS Women 2 Piece Outfits Sweatsuit Set 2023 Fall Oversized Half Zip Sweatshirt Wide Leg Sweatpant Lounge Set Tracksuit,  $48.99

L.L.Bean Women’s Cozy Slipper Booties, Pile Fleece, $69

Storm By Cougar Petra Mule, $139.99
Topshop Sky soft scarf in lilac,  $42.99

Do you have any new moms in your life? What are planning to give them for this holiday season?

– Carmen Turner

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