Holiday Gift Guide: For Your BFF

You should know your best friend(s) forever (BFF) almost as well as you know yourself. Therefore buying a gift for her should be easy right? After all it’s probably something you want for yourself. Yet finding that perfect gift she will treasure above all others can be a tall order. So here are some unique holiday gift ideas for your BFF.

holiday gift ideas for your BFF

1. Matter & Home “Fearless” Scented Candle, $65


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Yes, I realize a candle is nothing new and most are not that special (except for the way they smell), but she will appreciate you find her “fearless!” This particular candle is made with a custom blend of herbs, gemstones (yes!) and essential oils. It has a calm and earthy scent with notes of sandalwood, birch, and myrrh, and topped with energizing frankincense. Tell her to light it whenever she needs a moment of calm or to tap into her inner strength. She will love it.

2. Rosa Gold Monogrammed Blanket Scarf – Black Tartan, $48

Even if she has a dozen scarves, I bet she doesn’t have one quite like this! Rosa Gold’s monogrammed blanket scarves are true statement makers. Chose from about 2 dozen plaid combinations or a plain color with fringe. Then pick the font you think she’s most like for her monogram. I promise she will love this super soft, large scarf. They also deliver quickly which is a bonus.

3. Scentbird Holiday Gift Card, $99

I never give perfume as gifts unless I absolutely know the receiver wants a particular perfume. Even so, perfume is such a personal thing I tend not to even go there. So why not let her pick and/or discover her own new favorite? Scentbird is an easy and fun way for her to try new fragrances every month. All she has to do is cash in the gift card and select from their collection of 450+ designer and niche fragrances. She will then receive a generous one-month supply of fragrance (0.27oz/ 8ml) in a travel-friendly spray. A free refillable case arrives with her first order. Then every month a new fragrance will be delivered right to her door.

4. Kusmi Tea Essentials Doll Set, $41.50

The holidays can be murder on anyone’s diet and everyone usually likes to start the New Year on the right foot. It’s the perfect time to cleanse and detoxify. This exclusive gift set from Kusmi Tea (one of my personal favorites) features the doll design from their 150th anniversary to finish the year off with a bang. In the Essentials Doll set she will discover the must-have BB Detox with its sweet notes of grapefruit in a 4.4oz box, and the refreshing Nanah green tea with mint in a 0.88oz miniature. These teas can be perfectly measured out with the included engraved silver-plated tea spoon. If she drinks tea, she will LOVE this.

5. CARGO Limited Edition “Emerald City” Eyeshadow Palette, $34

I know I’m not the only one who is sucker for a great eyeshadow palette! Emerald City by CARGO Cosmetics is sure to be an instant favorite because the colors are sublime. It features deep green tones with gold highlights and rich neutrals. It’s laid out with 3 quads and 6 duos which are perfectly coordinated for easy to achieve day and night looks (all is explained in the kit. It’s not rocket science).

6. Rebecca Minkoff Bag Large M.A.B. Flap Crossbody with Flat Stud Guitar Strap, $245

This is an update on a classic. The Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B Crossbody bag has an easy to open flap and a cool guitar cross body strap which can be removed and carried as a clutch.

7. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer, $59.99

I can attest this dryer is life-changing. If she loves getting her hair blown out but is inept at doing it herself or is just wasting a lot of time and money at the salon she can now take matters into her own hands. This all-in-one dryer saves time and causes less damage than a dryer followed by a flat iron. The oval brush design smooths the hair and the round edges create volume. I tell everyone I know to get this dryer. It’s that good.

8. Ripple Safety Button, $129 for a year

This is something every woman and child should have. She keeps this button in her pocket and when she needs help in an emergency she doesn’t need to fumble for her phone, dial any numbers or explain her problem to somebody. When the Ripple Button is clicked, the alert generates her personal profile for the Ripple Monitoring Team. They now have all the vital information First Responders need to send her help, saving invaluable time during an emergency.

9. “That’s What She Said” Game, $25

This game pairs well with a bunch of girlfriends and a few bottles of wine. That’s What She Said is a party game of twisted innuendos and raucous gameplay resulting in sidesplitting laughter. This outrageous party in a box has players matching hilarious red setup cards to the funniest white phrase cards. Play it when you’re up or down…it will make you laugh either way.

10. Holiday Dinner Party Popcorn Sampler, $34.99

Is her favorite meal Thanksgiving dinner? Now she can enjoy it without the mess. 10 handcrafted gourmet popcorns recreate the flavors of festive favorites, like Turkey, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and tart Cranberry Sauce. There’s even dessert sweet flavors, like classic Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie!

11. Les Georgettes Bracelet Design Your Own, $99

She can design her own cuff! How cool is that? She can pick her metal, the pattern and even the leather.

12. We Are Knitters Simone Cardigan Knitting Kit, $139

I am a HUGE We Are Knitters fan because even a beginner can make a sweater! Case in point, this gorgeous Simone Cardigan. The kit includes everything she needs like the yarn, needles and easy to follow instructions. There are even videos you can watch on their site that walk you through how to do every kind of stitch needed. She will be so proud to wear something she made with her own two hands.

13. KarenAsh The Aria Ring, $325

I love the simplicity of this 14K solid gold ring! Its open design makes for minimal styling and sizing. In fact, I love almost all of the jewelry on the site. DISCOUNT ALERT! Use the discount code “FOUNTAIN15” to save 15% of select items until December 12, 2017

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