Women Talk Video 8: Aging Parents

In this Aging Parents episode Lauren and Joan discuss the harsh reality of watching your parent’s get older. In two words; it’s rough (I wanted to say “it sucks”). Witnessing your once vibrant parents become more fragile is tough stuff but something we all deal with by the time we reach our 40’s and 50’s…

Women Talk Video 7: Health In Your 40’s

In this episode Lauren and Joan discuss health in your 40s. Both women have endured a major surgery which neither were expecting nor even considered possible in their 20’s. They both know other women who have been through worse. Some things you can avoid through taking care of yourself, but others are just the luck …

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A 40-Something Fashion & Beauty Editor On Living In A Millennial World

I just had to say it. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. If one more millennial PR person pitches me, but then asks how many Instagram followers we have I will scream. They are missing the big picture (and I’m missing patches of hair). She doesn’t have a clue (and I say “she” because 95% are women named Ashley or (God) Lauren) how our age demographic gets and processes our information when it comes to shopping and spending

Dove For Children’s Sensitive Skin and Summer Suncare Tips

I first met Dove Pediatrician Dr. Jen Trachtenberg (we simply called Dr. Jen) at a Dove event this past winter. She was actually my lunch partner and we talked about my younger son’s skin rashes – among other things. Let’s face it, when you have a pediatrician sitting next to you, you are going to take full advantage. So she recommended I try Dove Sensitive Beauty Bar for my son’s skin and sure enough it worked! It’s mild, hypoallergenic and fragrance-free…no wonder it’s the #1 pediatrician recommended bar.

Fountain Of 30’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Every year Father’s Day sneaks up on me and I’m left racking my brain trying to find gifts that are somewhat unexpected or at the very least unique. Seriously, how many bottles of cologne, ties and cufflinks do men really need or wear? Here are some gift ideas that will suit some if not all of the Dads in your life.

Janet Jackson is Insane. Having and Raising Kids in Your 40’s is HARD!

Recently I wrote a post about my issues with fertility. I was in my forties when all my baby drama was happening, so when I read an article in the New York Post entitled Mom-to-be Janet Jackson has no idea what she’s in for by Anna Davies it really resonated with me. Come on, every mother on earth thinks Janet is nuts at 50 to have a baby (yet she probably won’t be actually raising the baby like the rest of us schmucks would -most of us aren’t married to billionaires. I digress.) BECAUSE WE KNOW BETTER!

Baby Wanted! My Struggles With Fertility

I have met so many women in the past 8+ years who have struggled with fertility issues like myself and while some are an open book – like I am – I know many are still very secretive or embarrassed about it, so this post is for you. You are not alone. Far from it.